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•■■ ■■.-■■-—>■■ ■ ■ ■. 

Official Organ of the Supreme Lodge Committee Knights of Pythias N. A., S. A., E. A. A. & A. 

VOL. V. NO. 44 

st. loos. Ma, 

Y. FEBRUARY 16. 1817. 







Tony's Saloon, In Connection, Will Also Be Put Under Ban. 

Liquor Shop Open on Sunday In Violation of Law While 

Police Are Near By. 



onuneinoratlcri of One Hundredth AB- 
nlvarsary of Birth of Pearle** ■"*> 
gr» Leader will be Held at Pythian 

A restaurant or eating home located 
,*t 0713 Manchester avenue, near Beuf. 
lln'e Stool Plant, where many Negroe* 
have spent their money for meals, haa 
put the ban on »* Negroes in 
their place. Jurt when this diacrimina- 
tion ediet want into effect, the reporter 
for the Argus didn't loam. However, 
when a representative- of the Argus in 
company with an insurance agent went 
into the place and' tented themselves for 
a lunch, l**t Saturday, they wore 
promptly told that no Negroe* would be 
served in there at the tables, stating, 
however, that "we can givojtou a hand- 
out and you can eat in the aaloon 
which is connected." When qneationed 
an to why service had been denied their 
patron* nt this time, the attendant 
atited that they did not care for Col- 
ored trada and if we were not satisfied 
he was. , 

The reporter told hint that just two 
week! ago he, like many other Negroes, 
had tat at the table, waa served meal* 
and ate without a word of protest 
f torn any one. The. attendant laid he 
did not remember. 

Tooj'l aaloon Open Sunday*. 

It hi recalled, however, that at the 
time mentioned above It' via on Bun- 
day, and because the reetaurant acta aa 
an "'ante room" for Tony's saloon and 
an many Negroes ere regular Sunday 
patron* of the saloon, they allow the 
Negroes to eat in the restaurant while 
' they patroninu the saloon, which doe* 



■i Church Sender. Februly 
10th at Mat p. m 

The Hundredth Memorial Anniversary 
for the lata Negro Statesman, Frederick 
Don glass, will be held Bandar, February 
18, under the auspices of The Negri 
dependent Voters' League at St- James 
A. hf. E. Church, Pendleton and St. 
Ferdinand Ave*., st 3 p. to. 

The following interesting- 'program 
will be rendered: 
1 Song — "America" — Congregntio 
3 Invocation— Dr. Wm. IL Feck. 

3 Introduction — Mr. Wm. E. Officer, 
Jr., Master of Ceremonies. 

4 Song— Choir. 

S Biography of Douglass— Dr. A. W. 
- Cheatham. *> 

S"Some Lesions to be Learned from 
the Life and Times of Douglass ' ' — 
Attorney Oeo. L. Vaughn. 
7 Vocal Solo— ".0 Divine Redeemer," 
by Ooanod — Mia* K. L. Harris, ac- 
companied by Mi> Annett ii Offl 
8 "Douglas* aa a Statesman" — Ur. J. 

W. aferntyre. 
S Violin Solo — Intermezzo — "Cavale- 
ria Buatieana 1 ' — Prof. Wm. Thom- 
as Melton. 
10 "Swaot Memories of Douglass" — 

Mr, Wm. H. Davia. . 

IlBenodtetion — Dr. Wm. 11 Peek. 
. The offlear* of the orgsnixation are I 
Oeo. L. Vangha, president; J. B. Jone», 
viee-presidMt; Paul -W. Moaeley, secre- 
tary; Dr. A. W. Cheatham, treasurer; 
J W. Metatyr*, chairman Executive 
Board; W. H. Fields, chairman Ward 
Ore a nutation Committee; Ernest Pa 
tlllo, sergaan t-at-ajrma. 

The Executive Committee is corn-., 
posed of Wm- E. Officer, Jr.. Di B..tC 
Richardson, Dr. Edward L. Grnot. My- 
ron Crawford, Willi*** Edison and 
B*>v. S. D Davia. TYe leaf**, aa the 
ism im [dies, is political and haa aa a 
metta: Raisv th* Standard of Negro 


. Rev. Cole preached a vary latere** 
iig sermon Soaday morning; subject, 
' ' Eutartag a 1 **--* ' ' which all en 
joyed. Bar. Jack*** praaehad Sunday 
eight. Ok the) fttUth. .Sunday, Febru- 
ary .'5. Rev. Johasutk of Mississippi 
will prism*, ahrv. Oasa urgv* all mem 
ben and fli—d* te be present- Dsa- 
roBO.IL Jones aad 8apertat*ad*at 
of. Sunday asaMoL.Mr. R. & Slang 
received ear of the heaustifal hawks 
ae i%vi*g aaata thaa fM. Th* beek* 
were deaataat to th* chunk by Cap*. 

Und-offlce business on Sundays. 
Going In Baby*. 

The method used by Tony and attend- 
ant* in tbo restaurant in violation of 
the law, 1* to allow about 35 or 30 per- 
son* to come in the restaurant and then 
an attendant in the reetaurant knocks 
On the door that opens into the saloon 
which is a signal that everything is all 
right and Tony opens the door, scrutin- 
ising each one as they pass into the, 
saloon until the aaloon is filled, then 
he shuts the door. 

While thia bnneh is being served by 
two bartenders, another line is being 
formed in the restaurant, the attend- 
ant of which is very polite and cour- 
teous, every few minutes knocking on 
the" door, telling Tony to "hurry up." 
During this time there [a no color line 
drawn in the restaurant. The police 
were a short distance away, but seemed 
to pay no attention to the crowd. 

It is the belief that Tony owns the 
re? tau rant and ha* issued this order so 
the Negroes will lie compelled to eat in 
the aaloon where they will spend their 
money for drinks, 

Host or th*. Negroes seem to have 
■Ivan the matter very little attention 
and some of them were seen going into 
the place whsa they knew they were 
discriminated against, white Other* say 
that a boycott will be put on the res- 
taurant- and saloon. 

Ten Years For 
Lima Lyncher 

Lima. <>.. Jan. 29.* — Common Plana 
Judge William Klinger, who announced 
several days ago- that he would suspend 
sentence again*! all who pleaded guilty 
to participation in the mob outbreak 
last August when an attempt ww made 
to lynch the Afro- American, Chsrlet 
Daniels, dropped a bomb in the ranki 
of the rioters today. Bert Meyer*, 
barber, one of thirty-four men indicted 
in connection with the riot, appeared 
before court and pleaded guilty, but 
in place of a suspended senteuee„wa*~ 
given ten years in the penitentiary. 
Meyers almost enllapeed and had to be 
supported to a chair. Judge Elinger 
stated tbst evidence showed Meyer* to 
be a ringleader. ' * 

W*hst*r Orovw Cass- ■ SUM Sworn 
to By Scon Of Witness** 

Clayton, Mo'. — An audience com poaed 
mostly of Negroes, broke Into loud 
handelapping to Judge Wurdeman 's 
court at Clayton last night when a 
jnry acquitted John & Williams, a Ne- 
gro/ of attacking Mis* Eva Lewis, a 
white idomestie, in Webster Drove*, 
Christmaa night. The judge, who had 
cautioned th* crowd against making a 
demonstration, reprimanded it in sever* 

Williams was arrested after a blood - 
hoond twice led the way from the nlace 
of the attack to his horn*. But a score 
of witnesses testified that at the time 
of the attach, between 8 and 9' o'clock, 
he was present at a pasty given at his 
hfime. The State demanded th* death 

Msn ui for many manias, passed awa 
Thursday, Feb. i , at his home in Ne 
Torn. The funeral was kale on Too 
day, February t. 


At the meeting of Company A; First 
Begimeat of Missouri. B_ of p. Wedaas- 

1st- evening, February 7, the oats 
for th* earning tons war*, elected 
named Captain, John A. Givens; First 
Lieutenant, I****- Payne ; Ssaoad Liea- 
lesaat. Forrest Duncan; Mm order, D, 
E. Williams, (kasrwa aa th* ajo« effi- 
cient in- th* satrvi**) ; Traaaur— ', Mat 


Th* Pt. Louis Branch oLTEo Natioaal 
Association for the Advancement of th* 
Colored People wilt celebrate the 100th 
anivereary of th* birth of Frederick 
Douglass nt Pythian Tomple, Wednes- 
day, Feb, 31st, ending with a subd 
Ing of tbe Branch into Community 
Groups to instill the spirit of Doug- 
in every Colored locality in St, 

e Association, throughout 
United States, is thus setting up local- 
ity branched as arteries of the larger 
branches to solidify the strength of the 
Colored peopU for tbe benefit ol" 

Prof. Peter H. Clark, tbe sole sur- 
viving intimate of Mr. Douolass, his 
'■right arm in the day that tried men's 
souls," will be the orator of Wednes- 
day 1 * celebration. Prof. Clark waa 
not only more elosely associated, prob- 
ably, with Mr. Douglass in the crisis of 
his anti-slavery labors than others of 
that day, but he is now tbe ripest mind 
in the Negro raee. As a platform 
speaker he is unexcelled. His wide 
knowledge has been digested to wia- 
dom, making him supremely the meat 
valuble mentor of our beset and mora 
or leas bewildered raee. Tbe Negro 
who foragoea this opportunity to bear 
Peter H_ Chirk expose and analyxe the 
character of the great Douglass wrong* 

Knob Negro church pastor and each 
public school principal in St. Louis is 
hereby invited to apply for badges and 
sit among 'the vice .preri dents of the 

Wateh for th* hand-bills that give 
prvffram in detail. 

Admission free; program ibegins at 
8 o'clock sharp. 


Annual meeting of Wheatley Branch 
T. W. C. A. was held Friday evening, 
January GO, 1917. The reports given 
at thia meeting show remarkable 
growth in the work of this worthy in- 

The length of tbe many creditable 
reports given at this meeting will pre- 
vent our giving tbem in full, but the 
following parts of the reports will be 
of interest to tbe rub lie 

Report of the Building Committee. 
The Building Committee consisting 
of Miss May Colt, Mrs, Ruth Coleman, 
W. R. ChLvvis, Dr. Mary McLean 
and Mrs. J. J. Fisher, of the central 
board; Mr*. M. O. Trice, Mlsa A. M. 
Williams, Mist Annie Russell, Mm. L. 
0. Hammond and Miss M. B. Belcher 
of the Board of Management Wnest- 
ley Branch; Dr. Wm, Perry and Dr. 
UcClellnn or tho Advisory Bnard, and 
Mr. Frank Bobersou, architect, held its 
first meeting July £, 101.1, with Mrs. 
Buth Colemao preaidiog is temporary 

Mrs. M. 0. Tries was elected perma- 
nent chairman and L. C. Bammood 
•eetetary. Mr. Prank Robnrson, Miss 
Colt. Mrs. Fisher, Miss Bussoll and 
Miss Belcher were appointed a sub- 


The celebration of the Lincoln- 
Douglass Anniversary Monday evening 
at Pythian Ball was a rare treat to 
those who braved tbe cold ■■•■ either, t.i 
attend. Tbe auditorium was comfort- 
ably filled and the program as rendered 
was eminently fitting. ' 

Hon. C. M. Talbert, Director of 
Streets and Sowers, ably reviewed the 
life of Lincoln and related many pleas- 
ing- anecdotes characteristic of the Jo- 
vial disposition of the immortal presi- 

Mayor Henry W.Kiel touched upon 
the lives of both Lincoln and Douglns*,- 
and compared the advantages of today 
with - those of the reconstruction era. 
Tbe Mayor's sddres* wa* entirely free 
from political reference and he was 
liberally applauded. 

Capt. C. H. Tandy made a stirring 
speech, which carried with it an ad- 
monition to the young men'of tho race. 

The musical Dumber rendered by Miss 
Marie Harris showed a complete mas- 
tery' of the piano and the applauae 
brought an equally pleasing encore. 

Dr.. Chaa. Henry Phillip* wa* entity 
the orator of the evening' and his bril 
liant and ma*terful tribute, (o the la- 
mented Douglas* was a gem of oratory. 

br. W.B.Johnson 
Speaks' Sunday 

"The Hidden Pull" will bo the Bub 
ject of Dr. W. D. Johnson, pnator of St, 
Paul A. M. E. Churchy before tho V. M. 
0. A. meeting on Sunday, Feb. IS. Dr. 
Johnson was for a number of years suc- 
cessful pastor in Alabama and since 
coming to our city has taken n lively 

West End Matron* 
Whistj Club 

West End society wa* out in .full 
fore* wh*n the West End Matrons' 
Whist Club entertained with on*' of the 
moat gorgeous and .brilliant mask balls 
of the sea so* at Pythian Auditorium 
Wednesday, Feb. 14, KIT. 

Kings. onMas, down*, bathing girls, 
topsisa, Dnela Bant and numerous kid- 
die* tuned baek th* hands of sinie 
and romped aid played until th* early 
morn. There waa fun galore and a 
feast to the eye. Beauty abounded 
everywhere and a* on* young man 
sighed aad remarked. "I could Jack 
Johnson all night mag if , I eouhf'stay 
in this aaaa* of beauty/-' 

Mr*. Thomas B. Crawford, i* tk« preal- 
■tent of this organisation and with ber 
coworkers "behind her mad* thia a It- 
ting finale to thrir social activity uniii 
after the Last** period. A Bomber of 
oui-of town g*ssf* were present, bat 
roar poor reporter wa* so busy watch- 
ing, tha *ver-ehangtag sent* of bsa at y 
and bewildered by the briBiaaey of 
■sat* ual il all thoughts of Sam** fled. 
hteviag 'oaly ' a i smanibranc* of this 

illtoo to go over the building, sec 
iondition and suggest plans, etc. 
and report to tbo Building Committee 

Tho^ Building Commit too next mot 
on July Oth. The report of the sub- 
committee was received and tho com 
ml t tee discharged with thanks. 

Another committee to bo known ai 
tho Committee on Bids and Specifics 
tions waa appointed. Mrs. Fisher was 
appointed chairman. Miss Belcher, 
Mrs. Coleman, Mrs. Chivvis, Miss A. M, 
Williams, Dr. Perry nnd Mr. Frank 
Rnbrrsou, as committee. 

The following hlds on the main build 
ing. wore recommended by tbo Com 
mitteo an Bids and ftpecilicBtiona and 
accepted by the Building Committee i 

ma Building. 
Carpenter work, Oliver Stnrke».*7fl4.fl4 
Paper hanging, Clem Steinko, . 123.00 
Plumbing nnd gas fitting, C. P. 

Smith 575.0ft 

Plastering. Chas. Holliday 145.00 

Flue lining 57.45 

Roofs on main building and rear 

building, Keystone Roofing 

■ Co 00.75 

Boar brLrk fence repaired 17.00 

Continued on page 4 

n teres t 


be his first time to address the Vounj 
Men's Christian Association and it i 
very likely that a large number of met 
will bo present to hear him, as ntei 
would be attracted bv the subjeet 
"Th* Hidden Pull." 

Tn.s meeting will be held at the 
Young Men's Christian Association 
2702 Lawton avenue, at 4 p. m. 

As- usual, a good strong musical pro 
gram will- be a feature of the meeting 

Dr. J. W. Martin, educational direc- 
tor of the A. M. E. Zion Church, has" 
been the speaker st the Assoeia 
meetings which .have been bold at 
Scullin A fiellagher's on recent Fri- 
■lays. Dr. Martin is n forceful, enthuj 
in*t\r and sensible tnlkcr, and the men 
st Seulliu's, by their attendance, fanve 
shown that they enjoyed his talk*. 
These meetings sre held every Friday 
at noon. ' 



organization to meet the influx of 
m tbe South was or- 
ganised recently by the ministers of 
the. city. Thia' organisation is eom- 
|-o**d of all the ministers of tbe elty 
aad has for its purpose the following 
objects. First, to welcome into tbe city 
taaa* who come from the Southland; 
second^ to help those persons to adjust 
themselves to their bow environment; 
third,- to advis* with them in matters 
or dreas and securing homes, and 

TU* organization, named the. "Min- 
isterial Brotherhood," grew out of a 
- i-etin*- that Wa* held at Centra! Bap- 
list Ctnreh in hooor of Dr. Clayton 
Ciwell. It is Bbadenomiaationa! and 
is, not altogether composed of m in is ten. 
Its o*« specific purpose is to lid those 
ii ho from the Southland. Dr. 
■ .'-o. E. St evens is. president. 

Than new organ ixat ion has secured 
headquarters at the Y. M C. A. build- 
ing and it up probable thnt an efficient 
workor will be put in ekarge. Another 
assti*g-,of this frgaatzatioa' bo* beea meet next Monday at 1 p. m. 
at Oaiou Memorial Church and it is 
ropad thsit every minister in the city 
and those laymen who arc especially in- 
teracted will be present. 


Five-Act- Original Drama Exposing tbe 
Quack Doctor*' Notations Method) 
Wilt B* Shown at the Booker Wash- 
ington Theater One Week With 
Dally Matinee*. Beginning Monday, 
February 36. 

Special Lecture* by Mlsa Louise Emm* 

Abbott at All Matinees Except 

Sunday, for, Ladles Only— Men 

Only Admitted at Ntgbta and 

Sunday Matinee. 

"The Unburn," n five reel original 

a, will be shoirn ot the Booker 

Washington Theater ooo week begin- 

with matinee, Monday, .February 

The play is by Clenrgo Eliot, Jr., 

and deals with a much discussed subject 

birth control, it exposes tho quack 

c.tor's nefarious methods and bandies 

the subject in almost u it object ion able 

Tho picture has boon produced to 
serve a moral purpose and as such it is 
an excellent and vivid preachment, as 

production. It strikes at the root of 
an ovil and (mnkly shows the truth. In 
doing so it makes a production especial- 
ly enlightening for parents. Good 
photoplay, excellent acting, beautiful 
exterior scenes, all help to make this 
wonderfully interesti;ic feature. 

Tho matinees will begin each day at 
2 o'clock. Admission, in cents. Night 
show* with vaudeville, at usual prices, 
start at 5 p. m. During tho week day 
matinees, Miss Louise Emma Abbott, 
Into head nurse of the Kansas City, Mo., 
Colored Hospital, will tectum to the 
ladies only. Men will only be admit- 
ted at nights and Sunday matinee. Ow- 
ing to the delicate subject dealt Witt 
in this great film children will not be 
admitted unless tccouipanierl by pa- 
rent*, or bring note*. 

On last Friday Tveniiig. February t 
the eieiM** of St. Louis turned out at 
ft. Psul A. M. K. Church to do hondr 
to the new pastor of .tho church. D 
II. W, Johnson and family. While Dr. 
Johnson has been in tbe eily for quits 
a while, the.'.op|iortunity to . wel 
hi hi came at a time when the hearts of 
the people were best fitted to honor him 
after they had seen him, known his: 
and appreciated his worth to the eptn 

' An elaborate program was rendered 
for the occasion, on which were 
Mayor of the City of til. Louis, bus 
men, teachers, ministers end other 
feesional men. 

In his response, in the most cl 
tanguBge, Dr. Johnson very grsrefully 
acknowledged the courtesies extended 
to him and stated that he hoped tbst 
the good people of St. l-oui« wuuld 
find him to be the man that they had 
expressed themselves a* believing be 
was. His remarks sh* wed that h'e hart 
mad* a study of his new field of labor 
and wu 'well informed of conditions. 
He said In part; "Your burdens shall 
be my' burdens; you* joys shall be 
mine; you will find me ready to do 
anything I can for the uplift of my 
people. A life of service has been my 
lot mid I. am yours to contribute to 
the moral, social and religious.- advance- 
ment of our city." 

An appetizing repast wa* served by 
the ladies of th* church, headed by 
Mrs. i.ihs Covington and Mrs, Carrie 
F. Betty, during the speial hour. Dr. 
D. W. Seett wa* matter of eefemoniea. 

Thar* will be * grand ssasqu* ball 
give* by th*.43f**d Ledge Cleveland 
Club of nTks, Polar Wav* Lodge No. 
lit, Whit* Tempi* No. 19, aad Pilar 
Wave Tempi* No. 1, Daughters -f Elks, 
Tuesday night, Feb. », 1»1T (Mardi 
Ores night), st Douglas Hall, Beaonont 
aad Lawton avenges, Good music aad 

Mr. Thos. Kiser 
Passes Away 

Hut Springs. Ark. --^Special.)— Mr. 

Id fr 


if H,.t Springs, Ark., died st' 
e Feb. 4th, nt tho age of W) 
) months snd 27 days, and was 
he 1th. Funeral services were 
in Roanoke Hnptial Church, 

years. Rev. Henderson, the pastor, of- 

When the pns|er called to see him a 
few day* before he died, lie found Mr. 

fectly resigned to his Master's" will, 
tie (old the pastor he hail no pains nnd 
soon would sleep away. - 



rig hail different own- 
eason he nod his son 
ies. He had lived in 

hnve dirreren 
Hot Springs for many years and was 
love] W both white and black. He 
had net- urn tils ted quite a niee fortunn 
in land and property, the bulk of whfeh 
was loft to his only eon, Hergenni Clrern' 
of SI. Loui*. 

Mr. John C. Rector, his re*] estate 
agent and general business manager, 
notified the son thst his father was 
hopelessly ill. and upon receipts of the 
news. Sergeant Oreen hastened to the 
bedside „l his father, hut when ho ar- 
rived his father had passed sway. The 
sou made all the arrangements for a 
nice, burial for his father. Several 
floral design* were sent as a token of 
respect, among which was a most beau- 
tiful design from Mrs M. E- Nichols. 
St, Louis, in tbe snap* nf a Shamrock 
made of white roses and lilies, built in 
three lar^o sago palm, leaves. 

Mr. Kiser leaves one son. Sergeant 
(Jreen, who is United States retired 
commissary sergeant; two, brother*, 
Hteven and Britt Kiser of Spleeland. 
Ind., and a boat of friends to mourn his 


The Missouri Legislature Signally Hon- 
or* Ona of rTsnrns City's PromiiMnt 
Metro Phrmcian* With * Tribute 
Mover Before (ii ven Any Other Mam- 
bar of tn* Baca in Thi* Stat*. 

The following resolution adopted by 
e legislature of this state in its pres- 
f session, smply demonstrates- that 
the Democratic pa"! In Missouri at 
Inst is not opposed to the advancement 
of ratable, worthy .Ad well equipped 
Negroes. Ii*ls a*' follow* 

Is it resolved by the House of Bep- 
tatives of the Stat* of Missouri, 
that it endorse and approve th* appli- 
n addressed to the President of 
United States requesting the ap- 
pointment of Dr. Wm. J. Thompkias- 
Kin™, City, Missouri, a* surgson- 
in chief for the Freedmes's Hospital 
*t Washington, D. C. "— Exchange 

"»:'V-' .- 


*r Mi-o. Van*. 

Mt. »ase Staten died at hia bum 
in North' OotTman, February *■ Fu oer- 
rviccs MM held from Union Chap- 
si, under An auspices of -the Knights 
[«f Pythian Lodge, of whieh he waa 
■mbv. The nuua ■«« laid to 
l*e*l in the Stan* Chnreh .Cemetery, He 
IImtm a wife, tour children, »ev«n 
[.gmad-childreo, tit brother*, two sis- 
' ten, other relatives ind ■ halt of 
friends in mourn all lass. 


Mr. W t-ltor Horsy 1M at Lb homo 
on limy Street, last Saturday. Fu 

sural services were conducted by Bar. 
' Hunt Monday at Pleasant HU1 Bap- 
Church lib*. Porter, of Witch 

Ark., left for hat Bona laal 

da; night, after a pleasant visit 

1th Un E. I~ Hudson, of Valley St. 

.The Stewardess Baud No. 2, 

C. M. E Church, gave an. tutor- 

nent last Tuesday - night, watch 

wall attended . . . .Mrs- Jam** Bine 

ad Miss En Barton were the gucets 

-ot Mrs. 3. J. 'Bodmond UK Sunday. 

Sunday wee quarterly meeting dsy 

at the A. M. E. Chart h, Be*. J. D. 
Baikadal* presiding. . . .Bav. Host en- 
tarteinsd the preneheW eonferanet 
Monday at hi* home on Valley Street 
Bo*. Phillip*, president; Be*. Huston 

secretary Mr. W. H. Crsin, former 

baggage muter bare, lies accepted n 
position at Le.lie, Ark.. . .Misse. Will 
ye Smith and Boea Spencer wen 
charming hostesses last Tuesday night 
to the Steward Board at the A. If. E. 
Church. JHOKely twiwourse luncheon 
was (erred. Mrs. Bon Bpeneer, preel- 
dent; .Mia. C. C. Smith, secretary. 
The Argus reporter waa the guee 
Mrs. O. C. China last Thursday. - 
Rev. Vcwboiup. of Harlaana, Ark, 
Ilvered an enthusiastic -sermon Sunday 
at Central Baptist -Chnreh. 


By Mist H. N. I one* 

Mrs. Cora Bollinger returned to her 
home in-Hemmond, Ini, last Tuesday. 
......Mi'. James HiUla'rd and Mrs. Mary 

Gray were the guests of Mrs. B. X. 
Arthur and Mra. H. I). Drasdale Thure. 

Jay Mrs. Oeo, Hampton entertained 

with" a banquet at her homo the la 
diss of the 8. M. T„ A Tory pleasant 
evening waa spent. ;The Booker Wash 
ington Movie Theatre will be open 
four nights, beginning ' Monday will 
enow "Peg O' this Bing," Wednesday, 
"Perils of Pauline;" Friday, "The 
Shielding Shadow" and Saturday 
three-reel drama. .. .Sunday services at 
the- A. M- E. Church were dedicated 
to .the young people. In the morning, 
subject. "Knowing and Doing;'" 
the evening, "Confession" was 
special" topic for the League. Special 
program at T:SO was aa follows: Par- 

Of the 
Prof. O. a Haass, "A His- 
siousry Vpriaisg Wanted Among Our 
People," Mrs. O. A. Conway; "The 
ieeiou. Work," Mrs. A. J. ttenfro; 
lo, lilaa P. a Nichols; "Whit. Can 
Our Young People do for the Chnreh," 
Master Arthur Btowo; "What Can the 
Chnreh do for Our Young People, " o> 
Master ALry Allan; solo. Viae L. Wiley; 
addresses by Dr. W. tt I-owrie and 
Patterson. Saturday after- 
noon there waa a benefit matinee at 
Booker Washington Theatre for Lin- 
Mr. August Cor doll's 
bom* caught on Hie Sunday morning. 
A. portion of the building waa destroyed 
and quite a bit of damego we* done 
by the water. 

v. W. P. Bogga piaaehled an 
cellout sermon Sunday morning. . . 
Mlaa Elizabeth Cabell was, the guest 
of Misses Maria aid Basel Johnson. 
Bnnday. .The Mission Circle hold their 
regular monthly meeting Sunday aft 

crnoon Mr*. DeShield is sick at the 

residence of Mrs. Ellington .. .Mr. and 
Mrs. H. W. Basi wen the 'gnaats of 
their friends in Wellstono Sunday 
Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Ewtng were the 
guests of Brother J. C. Swing and 
wife Sunday. .Mr. and' Mia.' Bay were 
the guests of Mrs. Green Bnnday. 

Mr. Henry. 
Amonstte it dealing extensively in 
poultry as tbu result of incubator 
service... .Mr. Peter Bwink is recov- 
ering from a teeeat illness Mr. Hen- 
ry Beafro hss returned to Libertyviuh 

for. aa indefinite period Miss Mse 

Baker hss recovered and la at her us- 
ual vocation Messrs. Wm. Wright 

and Leo Powell, of Si. Louis, bad a 

visit of a few hours here Sunday 

Miss Luotta Matthias visited, (fiends 
in Bonne Tom Sunday, ......Quite o 

number. of peraoas attended the funer- 
al of Mr. Da*e Btaten.'al Coffmnn, 
Tuesday. Burleigh Lodge waa well 
represented.... After a visit of several 

months Mr. and Mr*. James Boblnson 
have returned to St. Louis, earoiite to 

their home in' Detroit Principal 

Statee and pupils observed Lincoln 
Day with appropriate exercises-. 
Mrs. Jerry Bridges waa the .guest of 

Mrs. E. J. Harris Sunday Mr. and 

Mrs. Lewis Kennedy, of Giaenville, 
were the guests of Mrs. P. Boddie. Sun- 
day. Mr. A. Simms was a Farmington 

visitor Monday Mrs. Uoo. Myers 

has returned to Crystal City, afteT a 

visit of a week Yon say you miss 

the Argus, well, it will be sent to you 
upon request and subscription 

after an illness of several weeks. ... 
Mr. Wide Cooper died Sunday, Feb- 
ruary 4, after an illness of several 
weeks. He was one of Clsrksviiie 'Bold- 
est settlers and a dutiful member ol 

St.. John Baptist Church Mrs. J. E. 

Crisp and son, J. E. Crisp, 'Jr., are the 
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Major Cole- 
man. Before returning to their horns 
in Onry, Ind., they will visit .Mt... 
floors Gosait Henderson in Springfield, 
Tens. ....Mrs. M. Dunley entertained 
the Wtrdrobe Charity Club at her 
resilience Friday afternoon. Cream and 
sake was served. ..:Mr. L. E. Haw- 
Una, of St. Lonis, president of the 
St. Louis Argos Publishing Company, 
was the gueat of Mr. and Mrs. B. J. 
Bainey for Ave days. Mr. Hawkins 
was well pleased with the success he 
had in getting subscribers for the Ar- 
gni and hopes to have the paper in 
most of the homes of CUrkaville. Hs 
thanks his many friends for their sub- 
script lone. 

By Mil. B. Carter 

The Allen Endeavor exercises at 
Waid Chapel on last Sunday were tsrge- 
ly attended and each Dumber beauti- 
fully rendered. .-..Lncindn Fowler, of 
St. Louis, was the gueat of Mr. and 
Mrs. Sam Boas last week. ...Be*, A. 
Boatie visited friends in Mt- Zion sad 
Foetus Sunday. .Bev. W. H. H. Bl 
conducted quarterly meeting at 
Johns Chapel Sunday. . The sum of 118 
waa raised. We were glad to have him, 
us his sermons . are very instructive. 
On Monday afternoon the pupils ol 
Douglass School rendered quite an ex 
coll en t program in memory of Lineolt 
and Douglass.:... Mr. B. Cunningham 
of St. Louis, was the gueat of Bev. 

and Mrs. Poston last week Tha'aiek 

of our little town are convaleecent 
Mrs. A. N. Charleston had as her guest 
Mrs. John Minor,' of St. Louis, Sun 
day. • ^ 


By Mum Days* Baker 

Mr. Fred Madison surprised his fam 
ily by placing * player piano in thi 
home. - . .Mra. P. Buddie has been sod 
ously ill at her home in South Farm 
ington. .. -News- was received here Fri 
day of the serious illness of Mrs. Laura 
Jordan, of Charleston. .Mrs. A. Simms 
spent -the first part of the week here 
st'tending to business Mrs. Wesley 


By Mra. Leola Laird 

The pupils of the Doaglaas School 
celebrated Lincoln's birthday last Fri ! 
day afternoon with a short program, 
rhicb was much enjoyed by the visit- 
■rs. Mr. T. A Moore, the principal, 
nvites the public, to visit the school 
more often and eo-operate with the 
teachers in keeping op the reputation 
f our school, being one of the best 
f if* size in the state. The echool 
board has juat completed the new piny 
room and workshop for the children 
nnd in electric fin to distribute the 
heat in the primary room has been 
installed. .Mr*. Josephine Russoll and 
Mrs. Margaret Lewis ire able lo be 
up after a brief illness Mrs. Fin- 
nic Brown is confined to her bed 

Mrs. Clifford Taylor snd baby girl 
spent Sonday afternoon visiting friends 

in Kirkwood Mr. Jas. N. Beasley 

is much Improved, having suffered re- 


By B. B. Will iams 

Sonday is quarterly meeting at W< 

ley Chipel Bev. W. A. Sewcy spent 

Monday in East St. Louis on business. 

Mr. Thomas I.. Tandy,- who has 

been confined to his boms for several 

weeks, is at his. ahop again Mrs. 

Emoia Botlins, of Chicago, spent 
er«l)lsys with her brother, Mr. J 

Bobinson The A. M. E. Sewing 

Circle met Thursday afternoon at Mrs. 

lie LnPorteY Mrs. LaPorte is e 

ng her brother, 'Mr. Dick Hu> 

head, who is a boilding contractor, 

i'km-v, Ky.. to spend the balance 

Of the winter with her Mrs. Mir- 

Jackson entertained at quilting 

cently fr 

a broken 

it bone. 

pulaski, Tmnr. 

Bev. C. W. Oriy preached ot the 

Holiiesa Chureh' Sunday Bev. 

Mrs. C. C. Bherrill spent Sunday in 
the' country, guests of Mr. ind Mrs. 

James Thorton Mr. J. K. Jones his 

the guest of Josephine Reynolds Bun 

diy afternoon Mr. K. Gardener ani 

Misa Bensje Bheriil spent. Sunday aft 
ernoon with Mine Ever 1 . Miller, ol 
BOB Cotton St.... .Mr. H. Sykea, ol 
Maryville, Tenn., is the gueat of bis 
parents, tfr. and Mrs. B. A. Sykes. 

By E. J. Bainey 
Mrs. Oeo. Crisp is slowly improving 





Mr*. Victoria Clay-HaUy 
ZO* N. Jeftanoa Ave. St. Loots, Mo. 


PHAS. 0. WATSON, Prop. 

Die Bik Cat Rata DRUGGIST. - Everybody V. 

Now Located at COM (TON and LACLBDB AVI 


By Loyd 

Mr, Bon Ramsey died Thursday, the 
8tb, and was hiiVied Friday. Funeral 
eerviei-s from Ihe Free Baptist Chureh. 

Rev. T. J. Boone officiated The re-l 

vival niceiing at the A. M. E. Church 
condurted by Kcv. Kclley, his been] 

a c [ *at success Rev. W. M. Bushyi 

and Rev. E. M. Turner carried on re- 
vival meeting at the Mt. Olive Free 
Baptist Church, of Msurfie, 111., with 
grent aueeess. There were 2E ndded 
tn the chureh and 11 for baptism.... 
llrs. Hatlio BpetttViHs will leave for 

a short visit the 22nd of February 

Those on the sick list are: Mrs. M. 
Duster, Clnrence Bntler. Mrs. P. Moore. 

Mrs. Hattio Spotts and Sadie An- 

dersne were in Evansville, Wednes- 


Wo wish to thank onr many friends 
for their kindness ahown n* during 
the sickness and death of our husband 
and father. 9igo*d, itrS. Comfort Sta- 
ton; son. Mr. Dewie Staten and daugh- 
ters, lasts. Mnyse Lyons, Misses I.o- 
rene snd Imogens Staten. 

Beenre a nice, warm, furnished room 
for the winter. Consult the Advertis- 
ing columns In the Argus. 


White people who have bought more 
than one thousand lots In old Kinloch 
Park have been pacing the same prices 
on the tamo terms aa the Colored peo- 
ply who have bought in South Kinloch 
Park. If there is any difference, the 
Colored people have been getting the 
beat of it, because South -KUloeh Park 
Is nearer the city and has better street 
ear sendee. 

The good Colored people of South 
Kinloch Park have built themselves a 
little oity of which they have a right 
to be proud. 

More than a hnndred homes, three 
churches, and a splendid public school 
have been built in the last few yean. 
And now we have something new 
that is going to mean a bigger and bet- 
ter South Kinloch Park. 

We have been able to indueo a num- 
ber of white people of good standing 
to come In with us snd co-operate with 
ua — tn help with their money, their in- 
fluence and their good will to make 
South Kinloch Park a bigger and bet- 
ter place for the eelf-reepecting Negro 
to live and make bit home. 

Wa have given these penpli 
share of onr profits in order 
their help, because we bellevo I 
the benefit of everybody coocei 

We have always been ready to give 
land to the churches it a nominal p: 
— beeanse we believed they would 
South Kinloch Park. 

We have elsraja been rci.dy to give 
land to schools and- public institutions 
at a nominal price— became we l«lieved 
they would help South Kinloch Park. 
And now we «r, jrlvlng land to a cer- 
tain number of white people of good 
standing at a nominal pnre beeanse 
we believe their money, their infiuence 
ind their good will ire going to help 
South Kinloch Park. a. 

If you have any friend* who have 
been thinking of buying, urge thorn to 

eom* out now, becasae there nra bigger 
and better things in store for Sooth 
Kinloch Park. 


Secure a nice, "arm, fnjniehed room 
for the winter. Consult tha Advertis- 
ing eolnmas ia the Argus. 


The cooking and sawing alaasaa of Usa 
Baanekar Evening School, Lucas and 
Swing- Ave*., offer splendid opportuni- 
ties to women and young girls wishing 
fcutroeticne in those branches. Tha 
school Is open every Monday, Wedaas- 
day suit Friday from 7 to S p. an, 
Everything is freo. 





Fssrdac md VBolafalae;- fTiaasi Pi 
■Cc Mads only by Bvelya llor 
Mfg. Ob,, 41M W. Belle Place, 
Lenta, He. 


(J V Si. &«n* Xrg*. 




SlRillHlT T. MEADOWS City stealer ssii A< I n Wlhl l l llffr 


m, at the Mine time, wohder why 
accorded that kind of treatment in time of peace, Consusrtency, thou 
art a jewel; we feel that it would be an almost impomMt taak for a 
physician to effect a complete cure in A man, whan the vitals aav» 
been almost eaten «wsy with an incurable cancer; America's mis- 
treatment of her Negro citiMna for the past decade, has left ita 
sore; can it be healed.! t >, 

i u 

Adore* an 4 



r^bene. BonwBt 1462 


Tkree Month* - r 

Single copy. - "-" 


Advartlalni: Rates Furnished on Keosiest ( rl1 | — .—... man, mrojsjMiii sutat **"*■• »■ 

Hal eseVw 


There mam to. the editor's desk, the January number of the 
■■Wilncrfortc Bulletin," describing the Commercial Courses given 
at Wilberforee I'ui varsity, Wil her force, Ohio.' 

Anions other interesting StetB, the Bulletin shows that there are 
opportunities in for the Negro, covering a wide range, and 
that the young man trained in commercial pursuit* lacks not a field 
in which to exercise his Training. 

The Bulletin contains S selected lint of occupations in which 
Negroes in the 1". S, are engaged. The occupations shown are 
those «M, from their very nature, seem to require training in 
cam-ram?, Bronte* and accounts. Among these occupations appear 
managers ami superintendents of manufacturing concerns, to the 
number of "To- officials nf manufacturing concerns, 44; manu- 
facturer.. -t,T-_>7. In the lie* 0* commerce or trade are shown. 135 
bankers and bank officials, 70 commercial brokers and commission 
men 1.73* insurance agents, 105 officials of insurance companies, 
7fil! real estate agents and officials. 20,653 retail dealer*, and many 
Others. , 

The hVures above clearly show that opportunities for trained 
boys ami girls of our race are many and varied. Most every line 
of business to be mentioned you will find a Colored man engaged 
in it. Many other opportunities are being afforded us today by the 
white rare that were never offered before. And with the continua 
tion of the present European war, and the great possibility ofetjhe 
United States being drawn into it at any moment, many avenues 
that have heretofore heen closed to the Negro will be opened, 
and the trained and. the fitted or prepared will take their places 
with credit, white the ignorant and the indolent will be left behind 

The Bulletin issued by Witherforce University contains many 
interesting subjects and should be read by every ambitious boy 
and girl. 


The finding by the police Wednesday of a complete policy game 
layout in the home "f a 'Colored woman on Mills St. is but the be 
ginning of what promises to be the exposure of extensive gambling 
operation in the once nourishing game of guess. 

It is to be. hoped that the men higher up who reap large revenue 
from. policy games, will be found and the evil stamped out by the 
police and P roaeeutin« attorney. Policy games as played, have as 
their patrons, in a large measure, hard working Colored men and 
women, who can ill afford to risk and lose their meager earnings in 
an effort to win where the odds are more than a hundred to one. 

Ninety per «Bt l,f the P" 1 '^ vendors are Negro men who work 
on a percentage basis and it is said that they make an average of 
from five to six dollars per day in percentages; these vendors go 
from house to house in their- Canvass for players and some of them 
it is said, have regular routes with hundreds of misguided Negro 
men and women as their customers. 

Thousands of dollars go into the coffers of the men higher up 
each' wc,ck and ninety-nine per cent of this money is contributed by 
men and women of the Negro race. 


At a conference Tuesday, more than fifty Protestant ministers 
came to the conclusion that St Louis is below par spiritually; this 
conclusion is truly in harmony with the prevailing conditions and , 
the Argus wonders if it is not the fault of the members of the dif- 
ferent churches. 


Little Min Eunice Fu Merer beld the 
audience in deep interest'at the Vesper 
Hour Sunday. Her eleer concise iHus- 
trillion of systmnatie Bible study hlgh- 
Iv commends the Eyo-ogrephy which aha 
represents. We have imaged for an 
eight weeks' course to be gives the 
Tuesday Evening Bible Claw. The 
clsss is open for new members. 

Next Sunday Miss Nell Curtis,' of 
Mary Institute, will address jflie Ves- 
per icniea »'■ 4:45 p. m. Special solo 
lite* The public, ia invited. ) 

Get the habit of taking regular meals 
or lunches, at the Y. W. C. A. Lunch 
Room. Wholesome food at popular 


On Monday evening, Feb. 1!, one of 
the largest audiences- in the history of 
Wheatley Branch T. W. C. A. gathered 
Id the auditorium to witness the vis 
uatizatioo of Winston Ch archill '• 
"Crisis," the occasion being the com 
memorction of Lincoln's birthday. The 
picture as well as the excellent music 
furnished by the Fortnightly Orchestra 
wis indeed a rare treat not often ex 
celled. The seating capacity of the au 
ditorium was overtaxed snd many were 
compelled tu stand. This photoplay la 
the first nf a series that the Educational 
Committee of Wheatley Branch Y. W. 
C. A. expects to prases t to the public 
It is their hope to solect from the mas? 
of pictures such phutoplays as will ere 
ate an increasing interest and a demand 
for "Better Moving Pictures." 

The next big treat for St. Loniaaus 
will be the coming or Mr. Roland w 
Hayes, of Boston, the premier tenor of 
America. His voice is of powerful 
rsnge snd wonderful sweetness. There 
is no doubt but that he will captivate 

Annual election of officers of the 
Wheatley Branch of tie Young Worn 
en's Christian Association was held Fri 
day afternoon, Feb. 9. The following 
officers were elected to serve for thr 
year 1917: Mrs.' F. L. Williams, chair, 
nun; Mrs. M. J. Ilickson, first vice- 
chairman; Miss Leviuia Carter, second 
vice-chairman; Miss Bertha P. Wil- 
liams, recording secretary; Mrs. JT-nry 
Hhetta. corresponding secretary; Mrs. 
Wm. C. Perry, treasurer. 

The following new members of the 
beard were received: Mrs. C. K. Bob- 
inson, Mrs. Mollie, Hoard, Mrs. Nellie 
Agee, Mrs, T. J. Nevins, Mrs. Henry 

Special indoeements to new customers 
In hair dressing; and weaving. A trial 
is all I ask. Mrs. Jan. N. Beasley, 1100 
N. Cornell evenns, W abater Groves. 

are cordially invited to attend 
C. E. at Wavman Chapel A. If. 

jreh every Sunday a.t 6:30 p tn. 

4. B. Woodfolk, President; Be*. 
Dobbins, Pastor. 


That (he Wheatley Branch Y. W. C.' A= is filling an important 

place in the'eommunity life of the Colored people of this city has 

been fully demonstrated by the wholesome entertainments given 

by the educational department recently. 

The public is beginning .to appreciate, more and more the real 
value of these cntertainmentB and are lending their financial and 
moral support to these efforts in appreciable numberm. 

The Association has been successful in bringing to St. Louis the 
best talent of nur race, who have given some very high-clssa en- 
tertainments, both vocal snd instrumental, at a very small price of 

It has not heen the purpose of the committee to make money 
from these entertainments, but they have been pleased when they 
have iven something really worth while. 

Parents should encourage their <hil6*ren to attend these enter- 
tainments whi-h are helpful and intpiring to the youth, thus edu- 
cating them that they may be able^ differentiate between the high 
and elevating a* against the low and degrading. 

Judging from the past, if 'it is under the auspices of Wheatley 
Branch Y. W, C A., it is worth while. 


In appreciation of the many cus- 
tomers who have found that Be-No: 
stands on its own merit, I am insert- 
ing my card for the benefit of the pub- 
lic Mrs. Lulu OTJell. hair cultarist, 
2710 Law ton Ave. Phone: Boraoht 1403. 

Y.W.C. A. Report 

(Continue*! fines page. 1.) 
Tin and galvanizing work, Chas. 

Knlttm I8S.00 

Eleetrie work, Chas. Smith . . . .' 130-50 
Ceatent work, W. Chimmlag. ... SV-BO 
Fife escape, Behnrk Ironwork . . 175.00 

Hardware . 36.00 

Heating, Bradley Heating Co. 0*4.00 
St. Louis Haehlne Floor Sur- 
facing- Co. .' B70.00 

As the wot k progressed many . un- 
foreseen things came up, which neces- 
sitated extra work which was set lu 
the original eODtraets- 
Tho extra work is ss follows: 

Extra plumbing work .'". .f 41.00 

Extra earpenter work 41.30 

Extra plastering ;. 101.00 

Extra work on heating contract, 

broken pipe in wall ., 39.00 

There was also much clearing away 
of rubbish, etc.. tearing down and 
clearing about the house, filling of cis- 
tern, etc., the cost of which was 139.93. 
The committee deemed it wise to have 
one as general supervisor of all 
, so Mr. I-'ru.nk Koberson was en- 
gaged to look over the plans and speci- 
fications and to superintend all work on 
both buildings for the sum of $£0 per 
Night watchman fee 1190.40 

Dr. J. W. Jacobs, prt+Wian; eider of 
the 8t Louis District, will hold. his 
Second- Quarterly ' Meeting at Idas 
Tahersacle G. M. K. Church Sunday. 
Dr. Jacobs will preach at 11 a. m. and 
8 p. m. All candidates to be baptised 
by sprinkling will' be at the 11 o'clock 
ass i las. 

At S p. m. Dr. Dobbins, pastor of 
Wayman A. M. E. Church will pi 
tho sacramental sermon. At the close 
of this service all candidate! ta be 
baptised by immersion will be bap- 

All, members and friends are srged 
to attend. 

lu the church conference last Xaee- 
day night Dr. Smith, pastor, outlined 
bis plan for the Spring Badly, which 
the members willingly accepted. 

"Cause And 

Effect" Drama 

the most spectacular event of the 
season will be given at Union Memorial 
Church, Friday evening, March 9, un- 
der the auspices of Team No, 10, of 
which Mr. John Braey is the captain. 
This team ia one of .the msiaj teasaa 
irking to clear the church, of all ln> 

Those who read the "Post-Dispatch of Jait Sunday, cannot hut 
remember the article whieh so thoroughly digested the above cap- 
tion -, citizens of the race, who perused the article, cannot but atop 
and consider .the tomparison to be drawn between the meat of the 
-aforesaid article, and the treatment of Negro Americana in' time of 
peace. We agree with the writer, who so thoroughly states! that 
German* in America, in case of war, should receive the same kind 
and eocasderate treatment, then, that is sccorded them now; we 
agree with him when be aayi that Germane should, In eaae of war 
ha given the fttll .protection of the eonrta apd the beiieftta thereof 
•»d m agreemg with the asrtter m all tWwaa stated in the swtielsv 

Mr. Braey is offering a beautiful 
wriat-wateh ta the one selling the high- 
est amount of ticket! liver twenty dol- 
lars (O0M). 

The affair will be under the psrsonal 
direction of Mrs. Ones Key Carlton, 
who is well ' known for her excellent 
work and success in handling such af- 
fairs, and yon may look forward to be- 
ing well entertained- The . 
plav. ,su written by Mrs. Carlton, the 
name of which is. "Causa sad Ef- 
fect." The playlet deals' with tbs na- 
tions engaged in the nraaeat^wat, wish 
music especially arranged- for the. play. 
■ 10 cents. "*-■ 

Carpenter work 069.09 

Extra earpenter work. £38.10 

Painting 1S4.00' 

Extra 10.00' 

To alterations, additions and re- 

Irs to the heating apparatus. 358.00 

Plombing 690.00 

Electric work 223.00 

Cement floor IS0.00 

Sleepers and flooring 100.00 

Plastering- 108.00' 

a plastering „ 59.00 

Repair of granitoid floor 19.00 

Skylighte 2B.00 

Repair on front af gymnaaiun. K1.0S 

(Knit tie) for guttering 187.00 

Extra hauling 31.45 


All contractors wsre paid 80 per 

cent of contract, and SO per cent held 

antil completion of work. 

The Building Committee met from 
time to time, as the work progrsssed 
and everything was gone over thor- 
mghly. Wo realize that much delay 
nd many complications arose that 
onld have been avoided if all the 
vork had been given to one contractor. 
But when the contracts were given it 
seemed to the committee that it wonld 
be cheaper to give a con tract for each 
part of the work — bat as the work de- 
veloped we found that it was not 
cheaper and caused na much concern. 
The total amount expanded on 

main building M,S91.0< 


Every member of the committee was 
deeply; interested in the work, snd gave 
the best' of his or her thought and ex- 
perience- In the repair of an aid build- 
ing, one may expect many complica- 
tions to eoroe.- 

As we look back upon it wa think 
many things could have been done in 
a different way, bat tin committee 
felt that they did the beat they could 
under the circumstances. 

No matter what complications 
the committee worked together ia love 
and harmony. Through this service we 
feel that we hav? gained much 
strength and understanding that we 
could not have had otherwise. 

Mrs. M . 0. Trice, Chair m sn . 
Mrs. 'L. C. Hammond. Sec V. 
The amount of five hundred dollars 
(I50Q.0O; came as later gifts . to the 
.Wheatley Branch for definite Improve- 
ment that was not provided for in the 
above figures: 
Coat of property, 703-709 N". 

Garrison . SIOAOO-M 

(This amount donntsd by a friend.) . 
Amount received from Col- 
ored people of St. Loais. . I AA04J1 
Special gifts through Branch 

Secretary 1.319.60 

Insurance paid on gymnasium 

Advertise in the Argus 

Home Coming Kecital af Una Fran- 
ce* &'Metua, Fabtwary 1», 1911. TJnioat 
Metsorisl M. E. Cbsrch. 


Never was tho story of the "Prodi' 

gal" more effectively told than it was 

Sunday morning, when Bev. J. o, 

linson presetted a toul*stirring set 

moa from the fifteenth chapter of Luke 

Theme: "Action." He treated bii 

drove the Oospel truth home with the 
forco and earnestness Bo characteristic 
of him. While he was making a strong 
appeal a Pentecostal wave swept over 
the cburch, one soul was happily 
verted, anothar reclaimed and three 
Christiana united with the church 
aking a total of five accessions. A 
large delegation went down to Way 
man, at tbroe o'clock to assist Rev. 
Dobbins, and laid 110 on the (able, 
largest amount of any visiting 
rch. An interesting feature in the 
day school wss the presentation of 
prites to foui boys, lesding in a con- 
test by their teacher, Mr. Russet] 
Reese. This young man is one of St. 
Jamoa ' best productions. He is tal- 
ented, an orator of no mean ability 
\nd has received the "divine call. 
He wil] leave in the fsll to enter W 
be rf oreo to begin his training. M: 
Peck is steadily improving and will 
return to husband and friends. 

The Church of find and Bainl 
,rist Industrial Department hi 
lunehery at 4064 Finney Ave. Call 
s for a lunch or meal. Barbecue 
s, frankfurters, hnme-made pies, 
bread and cakes. Many good thing- 
to eat. Elder J. H. Anderson, manager 
Baking committee: Mrs. Emma Hun 
Ion; Dining room committee. Mrs. Em 
ma Lynch. Mrs. King Aadersou. 


tral are getting down to the regular 
work of the perish after the splendid 
i* viva 1 smaatingS'ftna* o*ar. > The third 
baptism of the campaign will take place 
not next Sunday but on the fourth 
Sunday morning. Within the next two 
or three weeks the new members will 

the church, erhe Wednesday night Bi- 
ble study is growing in interest. Pas- 
tor Stevens is conducting the coarse. 
All the new members are aepeeialiy 
urged to attend these studies. There 
will be issued shortly In pamphlet 
form a course of study of the Scrip- 
tures in the homes of CentraL .It is 
expected that the widely extended 
pariah will be occupied in the study 
of' the Bible according to the 'same 
plan. Next Sunday morning the new 


av*tUble to all the m san k are fsa- *sV 
tees eents and ansa St. PowsBI ausv 

men on "Watch Tour Rsaja," sen W 
had for ten cents. The yowng jssrfisV 


The Seven Church Baptist TJbIm - -■; 
met -with the Msssstaatnn Baatis* C 
Church, Rev. L. B, Cheiney, pastor, at. i 
the Mi. Oliva Baptist Church, 1409 ■*"* 
Morgan Street. The meeting was in- 
deed a good one snd the sermon by 
Bev. A. J. Dixon wss wonderful. He 
so beautifully showed bow God leads 
his people, instructs them and keeps 
them as tho apple of Us eye. Singing, 
collection, 910.90. Remarks by Her. 
W. L. Rhodes. The union was pleased 
to have the Bev. and wife in their 
midst. The sisters will hold their meet- 
ing Sunday, February 18, at the North 
Galilee. Baptist Church. All the wom- 
en are invited to come out. The next 
onion meeting will be held at the El 
Bethel Baptist Chore!., 030' .Athlon* 
Avenue; sermon by Bev. E. B. Mason. 
Take Broadway through csr, get off 
at 5800, walk ono-belf block east. The 
Union expresses sympathy to Brother 
Molton, our secretary, who is sick.'We< 
pray for him a speedy recovery. Bene- 
diction by Rev. Dixon. Rev. J. W. 
Hall, President; Rev. E. B. Mason, As- 
sistant Secretary; S. M. Collins, Re- 
porter '*** 

ST. PAUL A. St E. 
SL Paul is now engaged la a revival 
service. Rev. S. G. Means, the noted 
evangelist from Georgia, and Miss Har- 
ris, the Gospel singer, are here to help 
us win souls for Christ. The church is 
spiritually aroused and nothing but 

success seems in store. Prayer meeting 
eseh day at 4 p. m. All are Invited to 
attend these services. 


The St. Lonia Evening Evangelical 
Alliance met at Provident Baptist 
Church, 4238 Kennerly avenue, last 
Monday night at 8 o'clock and adopted 
resolutions to establish s "Practical 
Memorial" to the late Booker T. Wash- 
ington on the order of an industrial and 
social asylum. It being Abraham Lin- 
coln's birthday there was a flow of elo- 
quence and thanksgiving to God for 
our freedom and s determination to 
climb the ladder of progress as the 
yeara go by. Christian people, ladies 

of this movement. It is for all denoml- 
nstiona Ladies are sdmitted to mem- 
bership fine- Business meeting Mon- 
day night Public invited. 

Ben, S7S7 
In connection with the spiritual serv- 
ice- en Friday sissus* Jebrusry £3, aft 
flower r e cepti o n wil] be held. Seme 
of the best mediums In the city will 
be present to advise. 
_ Special offering for the building 
fund J. 6. Wea(u«rfonl, Sector; .Kn. 
M. Harris, assistant. 

ss Gladys 

•d a class for 
her home, 4438 St. Ferdinand. Lessons 
IB csnts. Use of piano free to those 
who have not one in their home- 

That room can soon be ranted. 
vortiee in The Argna- 

Total smonat leeeivad 


■if SKIN 


(11) for els 
orntment, two »C 
at. Tears tru !r , 

■ Ajimn lyuv 

Mr* tt*» sXrest, 

do not Acarr mta tions 




Ebbs Davis, of Armor*), Ark., 
th» guest of her. ton and daughter, 
ad Mrs. J. H. -Northeross, 3123 

. Claude James, 1534 Qoode, ■ 
of Sumner High Sehool bib™ 
ltd for tor wee ki; wishes his 
is to wit to tee him. 

Matron's Council H. of J. will meet 

tedneedey the Slit at the residence of 

~ t, Ogsstiao Beard, 923 N. Ewtag, at 

p. m. lira. Pinkie C. Toebv, pres- 

at; mnyne M. Polk, secretary. 

he Quindere Club, formally the wall 

Marquette Club, will give their 

matinen ' dance of 1917 at tbo 

llasa Hall, Beaumont end Ldwiod 

Washington 's -Birthday, February 

from 1:30 until 7:30. Admin 

, cents. 

Ethel Hoard, of 4035 Went 
elle. will be at homo Saturday a/ter- 
ou to a dumber of Friends in boner 
lin. T. J. Evans, of Chieago, and 
■*. Lucille Smith Morn!, of Colum- for the play, "Caoae and Ef- 
facta, " at Union Memorial, Marsh 0. 

Mr. Oberu Coekreil, of Minneapolis, 
Minn., passed through the city enroutfl 
to Troy, Mo., to attend the funeral 
of hie' sister, Mm. Etta Burns. On 
hia return he will spend a few dsv» 
with his brother, Mr. O. A. Coekreil, 
of 2020 Btoddard. who ba» own ii 
posed for several months. 

Mr. A. a Foot*, the local hattrr. hat 
for the past throe mouths beun teach 
ing bis system of making "old ban 
new, and new bats, too," to four young 
men from Birmingham, Ala., who • 
hero especially for that purpose. 

Mrs. J. H. McDaniel, of 2940 La- 
titude Ave., gave an informal dinner 
Tuesday evening, in honor of Mr*. P. 
J. Bva'na, of WIS Lane!*? Ave, Chi- 
cago. Other invited gasnts were: Mrs. 
Evolvn HortOB, Mrs. Blanch Hobaon, 
. H». K. A- ft^.JNfcJ. »*- *' CM - 
lan, Mr. W. AaWey and Mr. W. H. 

Mre." Etta North BnTrria, wtfa of Dr, 
Charles Bnrris, Indianapolis, Ind., died 
at their home, B3T Agnes, Sunday, 
February 4;'SeV ■*•»*«» wef» shipped, 
to Troy, Mo,, tor burial February 10, 
accompanied by ber husband, father, 
brother and othe rr etalrves 

Mrs. Julia Harris LeClaire, oaugh 
ler Of Mre. Amanda Jonea, after an 
dergoing an operation at tie Barnes 
Hospital, haa returned to her borne, 
wttere she ia •lowly recovering. 
wishes to thank her friends for their 
prayers and kind attention during her 
ttny at the hcapital. 

Mia. T. N. Ingram, of all! Wart 
Belle, waa hasten* at a progressive 
whist rjarty Tuesday evening, In honor 
of Mcadamee Lucille Smith Merrit, of 
Columbia, and T. J- Evan* of Chieago 
Priaea wera won by Mrs. Freeman and 
Attorney Geo. L. Vaughn. All de- 
parted at a wee hour, expressing them- 
selves as having spent a delightful eve- 

Mrs. CaeseL of Denver, and hit*. 
French, of Chicago, were guest* of hon- 
or at an afternooa tea at the renv 
denee of Hr*. Petle J. Clay, 4063 West 
Belle, Tuesday, Fehraary IS, HI 7, 
Those present were: Madame* 8. P- 
Stafford, Grant WUlianie, W. B. Hill 
C H. PhiWpa, Moaely and David Gor- 
don. Mies Kathryue B.' Herri, helpad 
to serve. Favors ware given to each. 

A surprise party waa eatended U 
awter Alpbonaas Agee. on hia 13th 
birthdav. at the residence of his par- 
enis. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Agee, WIS 
Lucas Ave, Sunday afternooa, F<"- 
„. ii. Those who assisted v 

. Misses Fauaia, Mettle and Caj 
Agee Mrs. Trubella Fowler, Fannie 
Conway; Messrs. Abraham Gibbe, Bam 
Whit? and Mrs. Lizzie Thompeon, o( 
Webster Groves. The party waa head- 
ed hv A. Speneer Lueling, who led 
the march to the beaotfnl decorated 
table in the center of. which wan the 
birthdav cake, with .thirteen candles 
placed "on it Mr Gihbe bleaaed the 
table, after which all were served ««h 
ice cream, cakes, candies. fruits, ealted 
wanuts. almonds aad ponch. Maatsr 
Agee was given a knife to eerr* the 
cake. Those present were: Muse* Bea- 
ri, Bsmett. of Webster Qrovsa, Jeans 
L„ oau. Margaret Hall. Kathreoo 
frjuw Oastell Shaw, Hattie Baa anaaan, 
Helen Allan. Naomi Araatt. Arms*. 
KaawU. Carina* Allan, lone Allen, 
learUne Emory, Margaret **"» *"*" 
H„; jesepa Bnmet, of Webster Oreves 
S-.rd Andrew. Benjamin •**■* 

>«hn« Jr~ Howard Polk. Leon Polk, 

* Y-mft «*^*rf Acre. OoKe ChetmnA 
?^ia law, M»rti» Bowie* and Jol- 
tTWhM. Meant.: htartin Bswhrn. 
E«ine* Jahn Lamia, B« WhiW and 
^^ M m F>,l.r nneterad mnny 
1,—atifal- aaleetiona on the pinao. Mao- 
ES r-^erf -any V-m* h«- 

„, .,„ maay -" karthanmn. 

Mrs. 8. A. Holliway of 1801 Oooda is 

Watch the papers fqr data nf the 

E. L. C. Club 'a reception In April. 

Mrs. J. F. Edsmy, 2838 Lawton, is 
recovering from a two weeks' illness. 

Little Miss Majorie Crochet, 4S14 W. 
Belle, who has becn.sirk for two weeks, 
la recovering. 

Miss Eva J. Jackson. Domestic Sci 
once teacher at Sumner, is confined U 
her tome with diphtheria. 

Ilev. F. Bains, pnator of Corinth 
Baptist Church, has moved to 6134 Ver- 
mont St, South St. Louis. 

Colured lady deaires company of n 
Christisu gentleman age 40 or 45. Ad 
die Wade, 2B11 Washington. 

Mrs. Geo. Wright, of 4025 West Belle, 
hna moved tu 2029a Adams, and would 
be pleasi'd to have her friends call. 

Mme. Calhoun, bair specialist, 2D27 
Lawton, is offering special inducements 
to all new patrons. Pbone, Bomont 

Rev. G. W. Cleuimons waa called to 
Pacific, Mo., Wednesday to preach the 
funeral of Mrs. Williams at the First 
Baptist Church. 

Edward Lcroy Dungcy, a vegetable 
huckster, died at bis home in Nash 
ville, Tens., Wednesdsy, Feb. 7. Mr. 
Dungcy had relatives In St. Louis. 

The White Kose Aid Club meets the 
first Monday nigbt in each month at 
4351 Kennedy Ave. Estella Allen, 
president; Mayetta Stell, secretary. 

Dr. and Mrs. C. L. Thomas, 3110 
Lawton, are receiving congrat illations 
upon the birth of a son. Mrs. Thomas, 
before her marriage, was Mrs. Daisy 

Mrs, Pari* Clay had a few ladies at 
tan Tuesday aftsanoan. Thosw present 
were Mrs. John B. French of Chieago, 
Mrs. Cassel of Denver. Mrs. C. H. 
Phillips, Mrs. Hoaeiy. 

No girl is safe wbila th* double 
standard of morals sUdat See "The 
Unbcni" at Ua Booksr Washington 
Tbcaitr all wash, with dally matinees, 
beginning Monday, Fabtanry 2(1. 

Miss Marion Curtis, daughter of Dr. 
and Mrs. T. A. Curtis, and .Misa Anna 
Jackson of Champaign, will rest from 
their studies at- the University of Illi- 
nois for tlw ensuing semester in aider 
to reenpernte. 

Mr. iiobt. Flippio, of Jackson, Tenn. 
made a trip' to the city last Tuesday 
to accompany his nephew, Francis J- 
Young, back to his homo. While here 
they were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. 
W.'h. Brown, 3930a Cook Ave. 

Mrs. Nellie Agee waa at home Wed- 
neaday-eve to a few friends in honor of 
Mrs. jfihn B French of Chieago. The 
guests were Dr. and Mrs. Geo. Ander- 
son, -Dr. and Mrs. W. P. Cnmws, Dr. 
and'Mrs. C. R. Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. 
Jan. L. Usher, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Hill, 
Hr. and Mrs. D. E. Gordon. Mr. and 
Mb. Ed. A. Wilkinson. . 

I'hildhond Days, the sweetest remia 
i scene p of life will be recalled at the 
"baby party," which will be given by 
the- Quintette Clnb. at the residence 
of Mr. and Mra. J. L. Hopkins, 3W* 
Pinnsy, Saturday evening, February 17 
The-guesta will eharneteriie the hap- 
py, Touthful period in costume and 
pranks and> a jolly time is expected. 

Mrs. JnHLes Hughes of 1710 Whitlier 
r-tr*et entertained a host of friends in 
honor of ber husband's birthday last 
Thursday evening. Mnsie and games 
were the festnres of the evanlng and 
at IS o'eloek tli.' hostess aunouacol 
that the Uble was now ready in the 
diniag room, and the guests marched 
in and feasted to their heart's content, 
and expressed themselves as having 
spent a delightful evening. 

The E. I~ Club met at the reaidenee 
of Mrs. Helen Logan, 1117 H. Brook- 
lyn, February Sth. The afternoon was 
■pent transacting bunaesa, after which 
!!..■ hostesij served a delightful lunch- 
eon that /was enjoyed by all. The 
next meeting will be with Mn. Etta 
Jonasoa, 43M Finney avenue. Monday, 
Feb. 10. »17. Misa Oeia Calhoun, 
peesident; Miss Idell Hubert, 'aeeratary: 
Mrs. Ida B. Spivcy, reporter. 

Miss lode A, Bodgamea waa at borne 
to the Coterie Girls Batarday from 1:30 
a r p ... This waa iadwd oh of ibe 
most unique valentine parties of the 
season. The boas* was artiatieally 
decorated with hearts and eupids and 
the color srhesae af red haarta and' 
eupids was symbolised ia the menu. 
Twelve members wen preawst. Oueats 
were Mra. P. J. Evaaa, of Chicago, 
Miaaas K. htcMarrny and Peart Adams. 
Mme. Bone Carriagtss. Tata raauft of 


Cordis Erin Young. .... .39 B. Ofcannlng 

Kvelju Terry , ......:.. .J* 8. Cnaaning 

John Johnson .3730 Adams 

Mis. Essie Walker.. ......2730 Adam? 

Henry Boon .STBl.Clark 

Mra. Franhia Hstvey 2903 Clark 

McKinUy PitU 3311 Hickory 

Sarah Johnson 11118. Cardinal 

Frank 2u»an . ...3135 Uclede 

SaltU Lawrence Clayton, Mo, 

Louis Whits 9911 Adams 

Mary^Tosnlin..,.. SO* 8. 21st 

John WenUy Kiag Madison, HI. 

Nannie Mao Foreman 1715A Goods 

Ersine O. Fisbet. 4341 Fairfax 

Josephine Baekna ,. 4300 Fairfax 

Felix IL Tburmon.... Wright City, Mo. 

Ein ore Keen e Wsrrenton, Mo. 

Haael J. Johnnon 1705 Gratiot 

Jennie M. Gillii *.. .'Love joy, HI. 

2204 Chestnut 

220* Chestnut 

Delaner McLean £911 A Fine 

Mra.. EUabell Hoyden 4000 Cook 

Grant Johnson . 2125 Division 

Mrs. Mamie Ashford 283S Morgan 

Chas. Phelps 2828 Walnut 

Samuel Grunt Decatur, 111. 

William Washington 3403 LaSalle. 

Bashel Cooper 3403 La3nll^ 

In loving memory of Pearl Bandera, 
my dear little sister who departed this 
"'- Jan,.28th,'W'7i - - 

Satna day our eyes (hall heboid the face 

we loved so well, 
■ day our hands shall grasp hers 

and never again say farewell. 
Her merry. laugh we hear no mora, the 

voice we loved is stilled. 
Sad but tweet are the memories with 

which our hearts are filled. 
■Sadly missed by her three children, 
■Other, father, sisters and brothers. 

Delbert Ware , St. Louis 

Jettio Powell .' A St. Louis 

Boiae Wright Webster Groves 

Gertie Oliver St. Louis 

Herbert Givens ..St. Louis 

Elsie P. Williams St. Louis 

Miss Dorothy Inez Robinson, onlv 
child of Mr. and Mrs. Barry Robinson, 
of Duluth, Minn., was quietly married 
at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, Feb- 
ruary 5, to Mr. Otto W. Steel, a very 
prosperous young lawyer, who is presi- 
dent of the Progressive "Realty I^nns 
and Insurance Company of said city. 
Miss Bobinnon, who is a decided beauty 
by artist, was born in St. Louia. Sbo 
received her education in I-oa Angeles 
and St. Paul, Minn., taking special 
trainleg in danriug and voire culture 
at St. Joseph's Academy for Girls in 
St. Paul. She also finished a commer- 
cial course nt the Minnesota Business 
College last March with honors. Since 
then the has been a public stenograph- 
er, with an office in the Columbia Build- 
teg, Duluth. Mia Robinson ia the only 
grandchild of Mrs. Lamm Meyers, 414» 
West Balsa, unseat of Miss Corinnr 
Meyers and Mra. Bayd B. Irsia The 
Meyers, are one of the most reserved, 
and highly respected families in St. 
Louia. The bride's present from her 
grandmother and aunts was a check 
for (100. After a short .honeymoon 
in Portland, Oregon, the young couple 
will be at hone to their many 
in Doluth, Minn. 

Mrs. S. B. Woodfolk, 41T4 W. Belle 
entertained the Ada Club, Saturday 
evening, February 10. 


Annie James, I530H Morgan 

Annie Anderson, 2009 Olive 

Hughes Burton, 540 S. Ewing. . 3 ir 

T. Ella Grant, 319 s. Montrose 

Blanco"* Tanner, 0140 Minerva. ... 

Fred Jones, 214 S. Sth St 

Geo. Morrison, Webster, Mo. 

N. Brown, 1400 Morgan 

Wayman OaDiday, 1623 O'Fsllon.'. 

Duels Murphy, 271* Chouteau 

Chss. H. Morgan, 1815 Lucas 

lames Aderson, 1713 N. 11th St 

Emma Parker, 29.15- Washington 

Martha Bell, 2S20 Papin 

John Lewis, Edwardsville, III. 

Lizzie Alexander, £225 Lucas. 

Thelma Jefferson, Bridgeton, Mo... 

W(Jlie : Elders, 2030 Adams 

Charlie Bates, City Hospital 

Estella. Morgan, 457 S. LeOagwell. 

Samuel Harris, E, St, Louis, Til 

Mildred Thompson, 2947A Clark... 

Perry Hames, Koeh Hospital 

Christina Hendrieks, 401 Montrose. 

Samuel Pipes, 413 Withers 

Colnmbus Crocket, 2130 Olive 

Hattie Crews, 3934 Fairfax 

Ernest Majors, Bl 1 Iron 

John Hicks, 29.12 Lawton 

Jobaanah Johnson, 1410 Papin 

Win. F. Jones. 4327 Labadle 

Johannah Budy. Brooklyn, III.. 
Alonto Russell, 2A45 Scott 


The managemtnt of the Mound Tin 
Social Settlt-ment wish™ to thank Mr 
("has. Tnrpin. of the Booker T. Wash 
ington Theater, Mra Wm. McAllister 
manager of tbr Beneflt Matinen of last 
Saturday, and all those who part lei 
pated in giving the entertainment M 
pleasing to the large and appreciate' 


We wiah to extend our sincere thanks 
to onr many friends for tbeir kind 
sympathy nnd beautiful floral offeringr 
down .ua in our lata bereavement*^? 
our dear daughter, Mrs. Hattie Wel- 
kins. Also Bev. J. St. barker and 
Rev M. P. Epps of Eatt St. Lodis, 
for their kind consoling words. Also 
Mr. Haghes and r^Ibeareru for their 
services. Signed. Mr -WiHis Watkfns, 
himhaiBd; Mr. and Mrs. L. Boss, mother 
and father: Mrs. Sarah Watkina, Ida 
Swell, Olivia Gardener, sisters. B itot 


. Mrs. Branton Tale, lalo of South 
Africa, begs to thank the following 
churches and friends of St, Louis tor 
the following sum: Central' Baptist, 
I2.5U; Provident I2.C0; Antioch 316'; 
Pint Baptist 33.05; Abe Leonard ii; 
True Light $8.05; Mi. Olive No. I, 
33; Mt. Olive No. 2, $3.(i; ; Chumber 
Street, (4; Antioch si. £)., $10; Mt. 
Olive M. Circle No. 1, 30 cents; Mr. 
Jones at Central) $1; Mrs. Belley, five 
cents; a sister, 26 -cents; Joinio M. 
Band, of Antioch Baptist Church, $1. 


In loving memory of our dear moth 
er, sister and grandmother, Panni< 
Wilker, wire departed this lifu Feb 
runry 17, 1910. 
Just one year ago today, 
Since our dear mother passed uway 
We sa« hor suffer, heard her sigh. 
With aching hearts and weeping eye- 
But now she cnlnily sleeps at lust, 
All pains, all ni-lien, all suffering past 

Sadly missed by daughters, huIoe 
and granddaughters. 


In loving memory of our dear mot IT 
er, l.uevina Beal, who departed ' thu 
life February 18, 1900. 

Oh, our dear mother, would you were 

To comfort us Ibis day, 
Our hearts have bled und how we'v< 

Since you have passed away. 

Our thought* of you alone 

Until we meet and greet you in hesv 

en alone, your home. 
-.Sadly missed by daughters, Sallie J 
Douglass and May C. Price. 


n with soul so drad, hi 
name is Abraham 
The soul that snap the quivering hear' 
Jj string 

years nnd years ago 
1 ' dare not say, how mv lieur; feelr 

today when I think 
Of the words that Abraham Linear) 

said in 1862. 

"My paramount object in this Strug 
gle is to save the Uzuo 
And is not either to save o 

If I could save union without free 

log any sle-ves; 
I would do so, and if I could saw 

it by freeing some 
And leaving others alone, 1 would 
also do that." 

—Irene C. Howard. 


We wish to eitrnd out. heartfelt 
thanks to our many friends for th< 
kind sympathy and beautiful floral of- 
fering, ahown, ua in our late bores* 
meat by the loss of our daughtc 
Daisy., especially to the members i 
Si Paul Baptist Church, t. St. Ijini 
Signed. Rev. and Mrs. Defluleia. 


rlondav wss Communion Day at the 
Curinthian BantBtt Church. Indeed the 
Holy Spirit wss present- many visitors 
were present.- tloo-i' servires sll day- 
Rev. Bates is now tt home with Mr. 
and Mrs, Boone of Sl32 Vermont, lie 


The home of Mrs. Matthews of Alas 
ka avenue was partly deetrerctt by tire 
last Sunday night while ilie was, at 

We are glad to nee Mrs M. Wood 
out again after several days' Illness. 

Mra. ■Oarrett.bat retnrned from Farm- 
ing, In^ and is her. home with 
her sister, Mrs, G. W. Porter. 

Misses Edns Perry and Ada Me 
Field were the guests at dianer of Mr 
and Mrs. H. P. White last Sunday. 

Mr. W. E. Offlcer. Jr. is indisposed 
si this writing. 

Misa Clnthid MeFidd was the week 
cad guest of her god-mnther. Mrs. C. F.. 
Alexander of South Kirkwnod. 

Facial M*u*age 

Do You Believe in J 
Safety First in Hair Culture • 

If $• Start Right kuid Urm Suufat* Bj U«b| 

The Slaughter Sy8tem w 


Lyda't Hair Beautifier 

Tr«d. M«rk, R*- . U. 5. P. lent Offlrm 

Gutrttateeti to Grow H«ir in Six tr««kitmen%» *>r 
mon«y v refun<led. We handle Htitnatn Heir GoodLi at 


E. Slaughter Gamble 


1001 Lawton Ave. St. Low*. M*. 

Uie teeth will ru 

U nually breaking off. 

mouU; n.m 



The VAN-DOW DENTAL CO., 614 Olive 3t. 


(One CsiWs asw ISBasaim h. Otln) 
Bams Deslltt Walts on v™ Svtri Tlww la Gusut 


1. B. BANKS and W ATKINS. 


1 Basket for 10 Cents 

6 '* " 50 " 

13 " " $1.00 

28 " " $2.00 


«•!. E. Banks and Watkins 

115 3. Leffisf wdl, 411 S. Lstfisiwell. SM S. Iwhu -*" 


S. E. Cor. Pendleton and St. Ferdinand A*ei. 

In addition to my Fish. and Vegetable Market. 
I have opened another store 2424 N. Pendleton 
Ave. I f4arry a first class line of Fresh Heats. 
Dressed Poultry and Eggs. Fresh Fish. Oys- 
ters, Shrimps. Lobsters and Froa Legs, Pota- 
toes, Oniomi. Cabbage, Lettuce, Cauliflower ' 
and Celery. Oranxea, Lemons. Bananas, Ap- 
ples and Strawberries. 

In my Confectionery Department I have 
the very best Home Hade Candies, Choco- 
lates and all dainty goods. .Phone orders 
delivered. ;'. 

Lindell 4722 

Stanley Green 

Miss Louise Abbott, lata head IOI 
ff the Kansas City, Mn.. Colored Hr 
(■its!, will leetnre to women sole durit 
1BS -- »k Aiv m«tia«Hi nf "Th^ t' 
boEaJ»at ft* Booker Tyaabiapton Tke 
i.-r, bafinilng Mon3sT , Feb. 3H. . 

Agents Wanted 

T. Kasaaa. DUMATA5 HAIR taW 
KALI* TlaATHE-T. Yl'aJoeni?' 

/•ajk rtttalara sisnai strs. T. W Dimw.1. 

res V .i..t»4-. sc.l.asvBt*| 


The Only Exclusive Chartered Colored 
Cemetery in the Vicinity of St Louis, \ 
It u NM-Sa^tariaa Fret (arc la Ali'Lati ana CritM 

PRICE «f LOTS $25 I* $100 Will H aid fro. 3 1* 9 Atialt LWriab 


Adult.,. % 10.00 

Child over 5 years and under 10 years 7.00 

- •' lyear " 5 " 8.00 

" 1 " 3.00 


Adult,...." ,.... - 8.00 

Child over 6 years and under 10 years 6.00 

" 1 " '■ " 6 " ..„ 4.00 

" !... " 1 " -. 2.00 

weather, lowering devices. Employees in uniform and other latest 
equipment. Every effort is being made to give our people a well 
kept, high'-grado cemetery. Substantial improvements have been 
arrang ed for, and the work wilt be begun early in the spring. 

Many persons have pnrchateu 1 t"»mi]'y burial lots-: siuj. s/e hsvjpj peiinsrisnt 
All this adds lo rh» beauty of iha Cemetsry. Free 
the dispossl of say spy one detinnS, to sslscla bnria] 
MhN ths priest sdvanea. 

Call Bell: Kirkwood 287- W 
ARTHUR TURNER, Supwint.ndent 

A Srst Flasalaneb room is now open 
at 3911 I^swton Ave 1 ., with home cook 
ing. Latrrhrt of all tints with -pan*)' 
lar prieaa. Open day aad night. WU 
llass* *-j-> M C. Laiaa, proprietors. 

Uarton Ave Bath anesma 


Negro Business 



RAT as 


ftrqonal. Bypjnesa and Fro- 
or Rent 
aU. 5c per 

tesimal Qardi 
QairioEa, Far 5&? 
BiweB, JitoreavHa 
line; rtsiratrauns The. 

Bfelp Wanted, Situations Want- 
ed. For Bent Rooms, Koama 
ano Hoard, 5c per line; mini- 
mum 1 5c. 

Display Atls 50c |jer inch 
ecn! Rates on 4-ttme Ada. 




Tuner, Repairer and Hnieber 

of Pianos Reed and Pipe Oifw 

Expert Work Gmu mtimi . 

102 Lawtoo Are. St. Unas, 

sign Paint** ud Xntaclar 


•ure U eftan imitated, but N<« 


beautiful lot »*!». "1U 
cellar, nW lm 
•»****, IU ud good eiatan water o» 
A* eatsiaw, twa porefeea on north u< 
■■» ■!■ Graartold in fiamt, HV 
Oawrt Beet* Worth W.SOO. .« ha 
Meeki fcT 11,800 1Mb. 0*11 end la- 
st, tSl BoaSemme *» Aaaty at 

■pi, tn no" 

re* o»i.! White 

Cleytoa, M* - kit 

KENT.— Throe single « 
i. furni.lipd ; electric lifiht* 
o free. Forest 3895M. 


WANTEU JJ building • 
Slnkdv empliiyinem. (Jiiod 

raKeo-Swarts Hail imd Strcl 
H cinch at. 

WANTilU— Men 'nr Kfrt 
Heady )"l'. two >"">■' »«t* 



■ mm) 

rn ca 

iv entente 

bird flc 

or fro 

1. Mr. ! 

■ An, 


" =7n2 - 



LTjIee, 3111 


Von cannot aSord to neglect r**" 

eyea. If they bother you, h»vt them 

tested free Glasses fitted from II-M 

up. Fifteen year*' experience. 


233S Uukil St 



Lice Died .nd 

boudrad, electrical 
actor We will wire jour oM 
;w home and farniah 70a 6s> 
■ n.l giTf y^n iu monlbe to 
to pay for it- Fini rented, 

"The rote i» red. 
The violet. «r. blot, 
I aeed yunr work 
And other* do too." 

a>«. a swtk. 

R«l gold -illea eyeglass*, for oaly 
on* dollar. Blooey btsk if 70a want 
11. Sale Monday .ud T««d»r at 
finrr 0. Douglas*, P i— Hftaaa Drag- 
gi.t Quality tad Barviee Store, MM 
North Peaaieton A venae. 

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FBLDON hid found tha ooaffri— 
Nellie wa^ng., NeUla bad 
great, lDatrona e/aa. Whan i"at- 
doa recited hli own poatrr ana 
wooJd gat* lawatly Into hla face 
artth a rapt nnmawlin. aa If 
■ht-iring of 1 QeH bat as* would Ilka 
to bo*. And probablj aha wan. 

When be nnlahed redtlag aha would 
be allesjt a moment and then mormor: 
"HoweiqrJaftel" She dldat aaj what 
waa azqolalte, but Feldou thooaJit ha 
knaw. But I would wager a UtUo on 
tha hat 

Felilon's family and I looked 00 hla 
romance with extreme dlafaior. But 
ho would brook no crltlclaa from hla 
ralaUvea. That «u whf ha happened 
to be lodging will) me In the atudio, 
temporarily Being only a friend I 
knew Feldoo much bettor than hla 
family did and »-ne wtae eooogh Dot 
to aliow my disfavor for hi* aalt. 

I knew Nellie, too, end felt aura her 
onion with Feldoa would not be beat 
for all concerned. Feldon waa really a 
Doe chap. He waa original. He did 
not even imitate other men In their 
Ticca, aa moat ottierwlae original men 
do. He had a Dae acorn for philander- 
ing md eiceaeee. He did not lose to 
aa.t aod drink or Indulge Id flcy other 
common, appetite. Hla appetltea were 
aplrltual. I felt sure the girl for him 
would have to be a modern Pallas. 

But that Is Just what he thought 
Nellie nil 

"She has a wonderful soul !" he 
would cry. 'It looka out of her eyes. 
Erery glance is a lyric, every steadfast 
gaxe a perfect poem [" 

When a man who telle yen hli lo>e 
la too deep for words gushes forth like 
that about thirty times a d»y It usual- 
ly enda In a life sentence. There's uo 
sating him. 

Still we tried hard, the family and L 
The family pleaded, stormed and 
threatened. I tried sundry strategic 
move*. But all proved futile. VeMoo 
and NellU decided to marry in Ma*. 
■Wiey weeflrhrt-br'niarrfea in JaM be- 
came so many people get married 
then. It was early In February when 
they definitely decided on the date, and 
then the family and 1 lost hope. 

Bat a few days later he came tn 
looking to agitated I felt hopeful of 
calami tons news. Hla hair was di- 
sheveled, Ms collar awry, hla tie hump- 
backed. He paid no attention to me, 
hut began at once h> pace the floor 
feverishly muttering unintelligibly as 
he walked and stopping frequently to 
claw hla hair treuziedly. I waited pa- 
tiently for the floodgates to barat, bat 
nothing happened. Occasionally he 
would stare at me. but did not seem 
to see me. Finally he aat and began 
to write. I could not restrain .n ei- 
clamntlon of profound disgust. 

"80 It's a mere poem you're working 
odT" I entered. "1 thought aomethlng 
bad Bappeued." 

He louked up dazedly a moment. 
Then he seemed to recall where he was 
and that I was a human being. Then 
his EicltemeDt flooded back. 
V'A mere poeml*' he coed. "This 
ahoald be 'uu echo and a Ugh! 
onto eternity.' It should symbollu tha 
most perfect love — hlcb ever existed 
between human beings. St Valentine's 
day la coming, you dolt. That day 1 

Nellie anil she hers In a poem to me." 
The deuce 'ou say r I exclaimed. 

"I didn't know the wrote such 
"Her every thought la 

For a week. Feidcti labored Inces- 
santly over that poem. Bs would hop 
out of bed In the middle at the night 
to change a word or pat in a comma. 
He revised It a down ttnua every day. 
It waa a truly beautiful thing whan 

It away 
morning of St valentine's day. The 
brought back Nellie's 

What stranded like the gasps of a 
dying man called me 
five minutes later. B< 
pale and limp, ou a conch. 1 propped 
no hla head and ran for a •Unvalant, 
bat bo wared me away. 

"Don't sots roe.' 


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its work. Leaves the hair soft and ailky. Par* - 
famed with a balm of a thouaand flowers. The 
best known remedy for Heavy and Beautiful Black. 
Eye-Brows, also restores Gray Hair to its Natural 
Color. Can be used with Hot Iron for Straigbten- 
iff. * 

Price Sent by Mail, 50c; 1 0c Extra for Poet*ff« 


\ B air .Grower, 1 Teaipi* 
1 Shampoo. 1 FrB 
1 1-aca Craaia asd 
toe Still**. *XM- 
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S. D. LT0NS, Gei. Aft, 311 E. 2d St 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 


President Lincoln and 
His Wartime Advisers 


FOR RF.KT Foot rot 

««..ioJ loir 4025 W» 
\r, the evening* or So 

at and bath; 
1 Baa*, Oall 
,dav LiadeU 

wo mora-, for- 
42W Lucky 


FOR RENT line or t 
bi,£<^1 or uafurninkad. 

FOB RENT: Family 
seetly ftmiiaed tooma 
■fl>tl*ia*tt. ilSl West 
Lisdell ISM* 

of two have 
for couple it 
Belle. Phoaa. 

FOB RENTr Nicely forni»W room, 
with, siodeni roi.veaieoe* Phone. Fov- 

44X1 W BeUs. (1-**«1 

Ad verti-* in 

the Argus 

front and beck with all 
3228 Plae St. 

How happy each of at would be, 
Protn rannoll sad from atrtf e set free. 
And then, each day,- O bean of mine, 
Toold bo a great big Valentine. 

If each of us would do his pan tnd not 

shirk la the doing, 
Thcre'd be do space for angry words, 
/ nor dm* for trouble brewing. 
But *ach would say to each "God 

And meal It. Ifriag br Ml cmd 
Of perfect fore; O heart of mine, 
T would bo the world's great Vakndne. 

walk, tha right way. 

FOB BENT.— Oalj two famished 

osas to ■«■« Std floor, bait as niee 

as aacoad Aosr, Evarytiiag aeaafort- 

' aad koaistlk*. Paraees kaat. alee- 

preferree, latT Wtot Baila PL 


. Of weaker o«ea, oh, heart mi irda* 

J* — M * ^" '11I11M.I W 


th* ar. louis ajlqtjb 

P***. 7 

A Debated 


■m»fciiMilMiif Triii Uiiiiiinin 

LTEXT-Watch U»r«for*, for r* know 
at Man oum.lli.-WalUiew B.H 

There baa tssun ranch discussion as' 
I to the setond coming of Christ. Many 
sincere itibic atn- 
"rjenu da not seem 
able to re^ch ■ 
clear cotvrlctton 
on the subject. 
They are repre- 
sented by an able 
and orthodox theo- 
logian who says: 
"this la the on* 
subject In ays- 
t em a tic theology 
which I wonld 
gladly o 
Were .inch a 
conn* possible In 
fairness, far the 
. data are ao dnbl- 
oua aa to meaning 
In Important places that .1 have been 
nnable to reach auch conclusions aa 
amount to positive convictions." Soch 
an expression of bewilderment ahould 
at least suggest the need of sympathy 
and patience in setting forth our views 
on this (object. 

There are aome things, . however, 
which are evident. Flrtt of all, thla 
theme hea a prominent place In the 
Hew Testament, being referred to 306 
times, or In one verse oat of every 28- 
Again, the early church . evidently 
thought her Lord might return at any 
time; If such an attitude were taken 
more than nineteen centuries ago, It 
would aeem to he even more appropri- 
ate now. 

Charlea H. Spurgeon expresses hlm- 
aelf In these sensible words: "Bead 
for yourselves and search for your- 
selves; for still this stands lint and la 
the only thing I will Insist npon — the 
Lord will come. He may coma now : 
ho may come tomorrow; he may come 
In the first watch of th» night, or the 
second watch, or be may wait until 
the morning watch, but the one word 
be give* na all is, ■ Watch I Watch I 
Watch 1' that whenever he shall come, 
we may be ready to open to him, and 
to nay. In the language of the hymn, ' 


Judo* atria* I 

"So far aa I know we are scriptural 
and therefore perfectly, sad* In our 
statement*,, ahosjt the lord's second 


First, we are "to await for bis Son 
from heaven" (I The**. 1:10). 

Let us wait hopefully. The Them 
Ionian Christians were- troubled M t< 
their dead frlendst lest they should, 
mis* one of the' glories of th* kingdom 
to be set np when he returns. But 
Paul, bids them In the fourth chapter 
of hi* flrst epistle, not to sorrow, for 
the Lord win bring their friends with 
hlra. He explain*' that the Lord aha!' 
descend from heaven and, the ver 
first thing, will raise the steeping 
saint*; then he will catch them np In 
clouds, together with the living one*, 
to meet him In the air, and so they 
shall be together, forever with the 
Lord. They are to comfort on* 
other with these words. 

Let aa wslt actively. St Peter 
speak* of hastening the-comlug of the 
day of God (K Pe. 3:12 E. V. margl 
Thla we can do by being pure, living 
with our lolna girt and -la boring ti 
tend the Kingdom. John. Wesley was 
once asked how he wonld spend the 

•time If be knew he Vera to die that 
night He replied: . ' tlow, madam? 
Why }o*t aa I Intend-to spend It. now. 
1 ahotrld preach this night at Olon- 
cester, and again at fiva tomorrow' 

.morning: after that I Should ride 
Tcwkesbnrg. preach In the afternoon 
and meet the societies In the evening. 
I should then repair to friend Martin's 
boose, who expects to entertain me, 
coa verso and pray with the fsirilly »s 
nana!, retard to my' room at ten 
o'clock, commend myself to my heav- 
enly Father. Ite down to rest and wake 
op In ;:■■"■" Patting the coming of 
the Lord in the place of death we have 
here the correct attitude of the Chrls- 

Another word la used in Tito* 2 :13 
"Looking for 'that blessed hope and 
the appearing of the glory of opr great 
God and Savior. Jeans Christ" This 
Word, Ilka the word "watch." expri 
oar earnest mrpertatlcsji at an G 
which may occur at any time, lit la 
a favorite position with .popularltbeo- 
logisns today that Christ will/never 
return to this earth. Bat eves < 
.who. aspect hi* return and ripe 
before the mlllenjum tell as that cer- 
»stei event* moat occur before Christ 
.can eonae back. Tet the one thing 
to be made dear by the 
the fart that 
be st any rime. 

word la found In n Tim- 
othy *:8: "And not to me only, bat 
onto *fl them also that tore Us 

absence la like a mountain of iroo.osj 
aay' very heart O, say Lord, eons* 
ever Kb* isansatalns at one stride I O 
tune, in* rwd and hasten rhe , *■»■— for hrre la corm.nted with 




(Br H O. BBLUBS, Aciiar Director ot 
BunCey School Cdutm ot lloaij Bibin 

tCmnnlaht. IliT.Tnlini »ni»w Uhlan.) 



I.E8H0N TEXT— John iAZ-U. 
GOLDEN TEXT— As thou hut believ- 
ed, so ha It odd* onto 9 -J* 

This event occurred a few day* aft- 
er that of last Bunda'y'* lesson. It 
was: Jesus' second miracle In Cana. 
John Hi.- Baptist la still preaching, and 
Jesus Is closing the first year of bl* 
ministry and beginning hla work In 
Oallllie. Teachers should bring a 
vhid picture of Galilee to their 
classes, aa that was one of the Im- 
portant fields to which onr Master de- 
voted imieli ut hla time. (For descrip- 
tion sec some good Bible dictionary.) 
The people -of that Innd were more 
worldly, less bound by conventional- 
ities, and more accessible to the. teach- 
ings which Jesus brought than tjose 
of Jiiili'ii. Josephns says they -were 
"fond oT innovations, end disposed to 

I. Supplication (Testing) tt. fflri . 
Jesus left the revival at Samaria (tt. 
;«>■■*■!! and retnrned to Galilee. Bis 
own people of Naaareth refused to ac- 
cept aim "for a prophet hath no honor 
In his own country." It was In Galilee 
that he had. HI* great victories. Here 
he was welcome (v. 45) because they 
bad known the things that he did at 
Jerusalem, the report of which waa 
brought back by thooe who had visited 
the feast (John 2:14-17). In Cena 
(Ch. 2:11) one cams to him who was 
n king's officer, one who was used to 
command, and whose great personal 
need overcame any prejudice (Matt 
8:18; Lake 7:2), Ood uses affllcU 
ottttme* to drive n* to him, and the 
most effective way to Induce men 
come to Jess* Is to hring them 
'recognise their need which he alone 
can supply. The lad was "at the point 
of death," hence the father's journey 
of twenty mile* from Capernaum to 
Cana. seeking help, We'have 
weakness of faith Indicated In verse 
forty-eight lb that' the man would not 
believe except he should see signs and 
wonders, 'We have also the earnest- 
ness of the man in verse ' 49. 
"Sir, come down ere my child die." 
Man's eitremlty 1* ever God's oppor- 
tunity. Not only ertre 
sickness can .ha Drought to him, but 
extreme cose* of sin a* weH (I Tim. 
1:16; Heb. 7 :25L He < 
only those who are "el the point of 
death" bat those who are already 
dead (E|>h. 2:1). The child was dy- 
ing, the father had not strength to 
wait to see wonders, but be could and 
did trust Jeans to heal his son. 

II. Surrender (Trusting); tt. GO-51 
When the' soldier took Jesna *t his 
word he surrendered his prerlouscon 
ceptlon, and accepted the word of God 
literally acting upon bis belief. H« 
wept his way because be believed. He 
did not ask Jeans again to go to Capar- 
nanm. We most not confuse this kind 
of faith, however, with his haying so 
cepted Jen* as Baylor. He accepted 
Jesus only as healer. . We hsve 
today who will accept Jesus Christ In 
the perfection of bis character snd the 
pnrlty of his teachings but wbo wilt 
not accept him to be their personal 
Savior. Such men want to rfretTo the 
benefits of airlsUsulty. falling 
ognlse its spiritual power and author- 

. 111. Sstl.fae.tlen (Triumph) (tt. 52- 
54). The father* faith rose 
need for "he believed the word that 
Jesn j spake." That word did not seem 
st slL probable, but It was enough. The 
word of Jesna who i>. himself, the 
troth, 1* a sure and more reasonable 
ground of faith than any amount of 
kpeenlnilon. This father's walk from 
Csha to' Ca peranum Waa a walk or 
faith. He had nothing; but a bare prom- 
ise .to support him. yet on his return 
he found hla aon- living (r. 53). 
this word of Jesus he. himself, 
■loved, and his wbole house, it * 
Improbable that this could be otherwise were an honest man. 

IV. Suggestion. (1) The living, per- 
sonal presence of Christ la not need' 
fill. It was a wise provision of God's 
economy that Christ should hare re- 
turned, to heaven. 

(3) Art* are the true indications of 
oar faith. God's written revelation 
and the rerelatlon of his* son, the LIT- 
log Word, and the witness of the ex< 

.pertence of God's saints are sufficient 
facts npon which to base faith. 

(3) Faith is nrogniwfve. Notice the 
growth from verses 48 to 50 and 53. 
At first the man believed in Jesus 
power; then he beMved In Jesus 
word and believed In Jesus, himself 
theft' he reaches the highest point In 
that be doe* not bettere alone, for hi* 
wbole bona* believed with him. 

(4) Faith 1* the source of ■ 
Chrfitlsri gifts end graces. We have 
an advantace over these Galll 
nearly nineteen centuries of what 
Christ has wrought among the people* 
Of the earth among those 
battevsd col him. Be has been tried 
■tad proved, and the ^Ift* of God's 
grses. eternsl life the gifts of th* 
Spirit are ail conditioned up> 
faith In him and in the Lord J 

Oar a* l vat ion from sin. 
ness as dlsriplvs snd foUovner* depend 

snia' onr faith in *m 
parlor frees atn. and 

aa onr Lord and 

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + ** + * + + + + + + + 

Church Directory 

Bt James A. M. EVChureh, Bt r*rd- 
laaad and PsadlatoB Streets^ — Sunday, 
Sunday-school, 9:30 a. tn. Pretosdag, 
11 l m., and I f. m. Toaag PsopLgs' 
hneiatlss, 5 to 1:80. Glass mssilag, 
Tassday, 8 p. m. B*r. W illiarr. H. Peek, 

-Waid Chapsl A. it. E. Church. El. 

Monday-school, ltM sv ai. ; Thsrsdar. 
Tlsss mealing, SlN p. m. J. W. (1st- 

*ea, Mo. —Sunday, Presobing UkM.1 

St Peters' A. M. E. Chinch, Elli- 
ot and Montgomery Si«., Sunday: 
Preacbing, 11:00 a. ni , and 8; 00 p, 
so. Sunday-school,- 1 p. m. 

Kev. 6. S. Pitcher, pastor. 

Bt Mark* A. U. ■.' Zioa Ohnreh, 
Lsffingwell and Bernard 8t— Sarrloea 
at 11:00 a. m. Sunday-aehool at 1:00 
p. m. Class mSeting, Priday evening si 
8:00. Reverend F. W. Alstork, the pas 
tor, will preach apecu) sermons, morn 
tag and evening. 

QU1NN CHAPEL/A. M. E. Church 
SI Bowea St Prcafching, 11:00 a. n. 
snd »:00 p. m. Sunday- school. «:00 a 
as. Class meeting, Thursday. 

Rev. T. L, Watson, Pastor. 

A. M. E. CHURCH, Mid 
Wells At*. — Preaehlng Bnndays, 11 a. 
as., aad I p. so. Sunday Behool, 1 p. 
as. Praysr meeting, Thursdays, S p. 
as. **t. E, L. (Barks, paster. 

Grant's A. M. E. Caareh, BTS4 BI.e. 
Ave. — Sunday prasebins; at 11 a. nv 
I p. m. Bnnday-eehool 1 p. as. 
Blsckweii, Supt Sev. W. H. Tsarsoa, 
pastor. Beaidesc* SOU Phi* Bt 

Wsyman A. M. E. Church, S3rd am 
Wash Street — Preaching 11 a. m. am. 
8 p. m. Endeavor 8:30 p. m. Clasi 
meeting Tuesday, Sp .iu. Praysr meet 
ing Thursday, » $. m. Bev. A. It. 
Dobbins, pastor. 
Sunday school, 1:30 p. a. ■ 

First Baptist Church, 13S6 Clark 
Ave. — Bnaday preaching 11 a- si. aad 
S p. m. Bunday^ohool, 9:80 a. m. B. 
Y. P. 17. (1:30 p. at Preasblng, Wednes- 
day night by local preaehera. Praysr 
see ting, Friday lp.ii Rev. Was. O. 
Davis, pastor, «M Lucky Bt. 


First Baptist Church a 
Mo.— ausdsy, areasbvag 11 

I p. as- Sundiy-tchool it 10 l b. 
Bible reading tt 8:30 p. m. Wsehly 
meetisgs, Taesday and Thnrasky at 
p. sl Coramuniou, sSOoad 9ondsy is 
each month. Bar. P. llople, pastor 
L. Brown, sla rh. 

Laaaard Areaa* Baptist Ckureb: H 
8. Leonard ATS.— Bnaday, riiaahhaa, 
11:00 i a. us I 
Bakes] lif» p. m. B. Y. P. U. *:*• 'p. 
■ Praysr Meeting Wedseaeay aaghrt 

sT4) Wofarnt. 

Mount Zian Baptist Church, 2S24 
Papin St. Sunday: Preaching. 11:00 
a. in. and !:«! p. m., Sunday-schekoi 
1:30 p. m. Prsyer meeting, Friday, 
tm p. m 

Dr. J. Douglass Ilerbm. Pastor. 

Lothsra Oharsh, ITU MSrgnn Bt— 
Sunday preasklsg 
aabool ■ p. m. 
tlon, Thoradsy, I > a. Day Sshsst 
•»e-r j day, • a. m. — S p. m. Brs. Q. A. 

m.; preaching. 11 a,; 

and 8 p. 
Epworth League, 7 p. m. Class meet 
ing and Bible class, Wednesday, 8 i. 
m. Rev. W. W. Ooat psstorl 

Northern Baptist Church, tog 8. SBd 
Street — Sunday services, prayer meet- 
ing, 5:30 a. m.; preaching, 11:30 a, m., 
1 8 p. m-; Bunday-sekool, 1 p. m.; 
T. P. U., 6:30 [1-01.; Mission Circle, 
7:!0 p. in. sash Monday; pieaohing, 8 
. each Wednesday; prayer meeting 
* ■ m. each Friday. Rev. J. A. Shields, 

pastor, lesidsnoe, 406 li. Sard. 

Tab*™ ml* Baptist cnurch. iTii Pun 

p. m. aujiuaj -actiool, 1:1* el BL B. I P. 
U-, lit* y. m. Waonasosy, I p. m.. 

Brothernood maatin*. Srtdar. I p. m.. 
Prayer Masting.— B*v. a. a. Moestsy, 

. Second Baptist Church, Bjnlosh 
Park— Preaching, Sunday*, 11 a. tn. 
and 8 p. in.; Bunday-aehooi, 1 p. m.; 
Weekly meeting*, Wednesday and Frl 
days, !j.m. Rev. Timothy Font,, 
a Garrison Ave., St Louis, Pastor 

Mount Olive Baptist Church, 1429 
If. lEtk Btreet — Preaching every Sun- 
nay, li a. m., | p. m. and 8 p. m.; 
Sondsy-school, 1 p. oi.; B. Y.'P. U., 0:Si 
p. m.: Mission Circle, fourth Sunday 
in sssh month. Rev. D. W. Morri* 

Antioch Baptist Church, ITorth Mar- 
kst and -Good* Ave. Preaching, Sun- 
days at 11 ». ni. and S p. m. Sunday 
Behool st 1 p. m. B. Y. P. D. at 6:30 
p. as. Praysr meeting, Wednesday . st 
8 p. m. Communion Service*, Second 
Sunday in each month. Bar. Wm. L. 
Pwry, M, D. Pastor. 

Third Corinthian Baptist Church, 
13th and Biddle street*.— Sunday, 
prayer masting, 3 p. m. Prsaehing, 11 
a. m., 3 p. m. and 8:30 p. m. Sunday 
school, 1 p. in. Prsyer meeting, Tues- 
day night Preaching, Thursday night 
Fourth Sunday in each month Covsa- 
ant and Communion. Bev. J. W. Hall, 
pastor; M. O. Crosby, slark; Pat* 
Brown, treasurer. 

Providence Baptist Church, Ksaner- 
ly and Pendleton Arenas*. — Bundiy 
preaching 11 s. m, snd S p. m. Bna- 
d*y-.chool, 1 p. m. B. Y. P. D. 7 p 
m. Prsyer meeting, Friday 8 p. m. 
Ooveuant and Lord's Supper, fourth 
Sunday :l p. ni. Mission dials Prayer 
Meeting third Fridsy, 8:80 p. m. Ber 
E. Calvin Cole, pastor, 31S1 Fair Ave 


Baptist Caareh, 143 
ay PTaasbtag. 11:00 a. 
*t aad 8:00 p. m. Babbsth school. 
10;00 *. m.; B. Y. P. U, • p. m. Wed- 
sssday: Prsaehing S:00 p. m, Fridsy: 
Praysr Meeting, 8 pm., Mission terT- 
Is*, third Friday, 8 p. m Business 
■Slllug Friday beftw* th* fourth 
Lord's day In sash month. Rev Wm 

Mt Oliv. Baptist Churek Ns, i, 1*03 
Morgan Bt Sunday, prayer ate* 
I a. av; prsaoaiag, 11 a. at, ■ p. at and 
lis* p. m. Sunoay-eehocL 1*1 r a 
Prsyar mastiag aad Mis 111 Cbela, 
TWday night Prsyer aast sassss* 

Wrtssw, s*j**sr. 

Mlflor, slsek. 

spmrruAiJST obtjbches. 

Spiritual Christian TJnlon Ohnreh. 
Z7B7 Lawton A**na*. Sundays 8 p. m. 
Fridays, 8 p. m. J. 8; Westherford, 
>eetor; Mrs. M. Owens, assistant and 
secretary. - • 


The Christisn Rpiritnaliat Church" h.i 

Asbury Memonsl M. E. Church 4201 J«j 133. a Wash Bt. to 917 N 

CotUge Ave, Sunday scbool, »:30 .. ^^ ^^ B.^* .very 

Tueeday sad Fridsy Bl 8:0O p. m. 

Cateh Hodismont esr, gst off at 1300 




Try The Argus 


When ooming to St. Louis you should have first- hand, infi 
For employment call at the office of the Central A^Bodiavtirsn 
of Information. 2728 Morgan. Phone, Boipont 3040. 
J. T. Dlsoti. Mansurer 

Harry M. Boeckmann 

2715 Franklin Ave. 

Gsod. Houses Flats and Rooms to Rent to Colored PeDpb. Call or 
Phone. Good Service. 


Sundsy-fhool at 10 s. m. Prsaeh- 
ing 11 a. m." and 8 p. m. Bible Band 
Bt 3:30. Prayer nervine* Tbsnday 
nights. Sst. E. Foster, Pastor. 

Cnurch— 50* Uostross Ave. Budsy, 
.prayer masting B a. *•.: preeshlag, 11 
s. u. and * P m.; Husdsv-sehool 1 p 
as.; a T. P. V 0:30; Wednssday, 
prsaehing S p. m.; Friday, prayer meet-' 
lag. 8 p. as.; Missionary Society, frst 
ood third Tuesday in sash month st.8 
p. m. Kev. David Tyler, paster.. " 

FroakllB Ave., walk -mirth to 017 N 
Leonard Ave., Mr. and Mrs. Crankshnw. 

Redemption at Souls Spiritual Church, 
115 N. Beaumont Street Sunday 
wheel service 10 a. m., church *erviee* 
11 a. m. snd S p. m. and meassges. 
Mestipg at 8. p. m. Wednesflay and 
Thnrsday. 8 p. rh.' Tuesday 
and' Fridsy. Mrs. Julia 'Jehnsnn, or*- 
'!■•: Rev. Jsmes D. Miller, psstc-r; 
Henry flreen. president; htiss A. L. 
Voorhie*', seerstary. 

The Chnreh at, God osd' Rsists Df 
(Tirist, «Ny Finney Avenue.— BerviVe* 
rmodny at 7:30, Wedsosdsy st TiJO, 
Fridsy at 7:30 Saturday {Sabbath) at 
II it m. and rest of the day. RMor J, 
H. Aad*rses.'pasHr. 


Takt can of your cunvajuisii — 

and your compltiion u»ll CssV* care o/tiott. 

Choose pure aids, choou ckeme elcaya 
tmc pufic. dsjhtt. toilet ctejiil that mas stood 


'■Make, the skin like velvmt" 

Otyx" m Hosier/ 

T*m Gee saOOD Vets* *t ANY IWes) aqnajl*** *s 

WOLF BROTHERS Hair Straightening Outfit 

h minium i n i 


WOLF BROS. 1214 N, Senate Ave., Jndianapotis, Ind., U.S.A. 

! . Insure iburleeth 

j Better than the 

l*i dentifrice you 

""are using now . 




Sunday, Feb. 18, 

A Blue Ilir.l Masterpiece in 5 parti. 

"THE BUOLESOr ALGIERS." ,W« Drama i>r tbu Africnr. 

Jungles: nl~i Tina Mil 1 -- lut.'H Wester* 

Drama, and Goan&Vm, 

Monday. Fob. 19. 

Third Kpbodo .,f 


"The Heritage of Hate." 3 parts. 

Ami Keyntona Comedies. * 

Wednesday, ■ 


and "Grand PoUse Reporter." 

,. Thursday. Teb. 22. 

Robert Warwick' in ' 'The Human Drirt- 

wood" and Beatrice Fairfax. 

- Friday. Fob. £1. 
i: I "Haiarda of Helen." 


Tuesday, February 20. 

table Talliaferro in a five-reel ilrftit 


Every Wednesday 


Featuring Miss Helen Holmes 


The Pendleton 


Sunday. Feb. 16. 
A wonderful pie hire cjf Ihe Historical 
French Rovolutihn. 

Monday— "The Gods of Fata'" ami 
"Pearl of tfce Army." 

Tiiesdsy— NAeUH O'NLcl in "A 
Woman's Pint 1 ' 

Saturday— "To* Hand of PertL' 

Adult*., lo cents; children, s"«eai 


FUR CUFF: Attending the funeral 
of lira. John Smith at All Sain 
Church MonBny, February 5. Retui 
to 274»a Hark, Mrs. !.. Bradley,, and 
receive reward. 

FOR RENT; 1TS5. Texan Arc, five 
rooms in splendid condition, 112.50. O. 
L. Vaughn, Attorney. :33B Market St. 
Phones Bom. 1044; Central BT1. 

Learn Moisc Id 30 


I will teach yon to play the 

Violin in 3Q loaaona. Your 

money bahek if not satisfied. 

Prof . ,Thotnaa Moltsn 

loeia Boeaoot ITU Studio 3108 Ana St 

We Buy and Sell, Pups. 
Canaries, Parrots, Etc. 

Call or write 



The Drake- Walker Company is scor- 
:;:.: another big hit at the Booker 
Washington Theater this week. Their 
play, "John Green in New York," 
carriea just enough plot to keep up a 
continuous comedy throughout (he three 
scenes. 1L Drake. Ethel Walker, Wil- 
liam Bailey and liueacll Lee play the 
leading ndoa and with the of 
the "Rom Buy (litis" and an excep- 
tionally jpjol urchestrn. present a show 
that sparkle* with good music, comedy 

■ nd "dancing. 

All of the musiral numbers arc 
catchy and elegantly costumed. Among 
the most prominent lire, "In Dreamy 
Panama," by Miss Walker and com- 
paly ; ■ ' Daddy, " Miss Staton and 
Girls; "I Left Her on the Beach at 


m (he Pappy'* Tail," by the eonv 
|iHiiy. anil "That Syncopated Boog-ie- 
beo, ' ' by Drake and Walker. This num- 
ber ia nn artistic novelty with an oper- 
nrin and the orchestration ia moat 
benutiful. In fact the entire work of 
he augmented orchestra, thia week, ia 
tie best ever heard in this theater. The 
company usee its mi scenery and 
the .lights nre handled, by its utvn elec- 
icinn. Sam Johnson. 
The engagement will eloae Sunday 
ght and there will be the usual nmti- 
* San ilav afternoon. 

Beginning Monday, February 19. 


the fi I'm mis composer, i 




Coming -Monday. Fob. 26, 

One entire week. Daily matinees. 


Will power sneenmb to primal in 
tortl Not if yon follow tie leaam 
luaht in "The Unborn" at ■'the 
ooker Washington Theater, week be- 
initios' Monday, 'Feb. 2*5, with daily 

10,000 Uniform Knights in Camp 
40,000 Visitors 

AUGUST 19th TO 25th 

19th Biennial Session of the Supreme Lodge 

Snpreme Court of Caluthe and 

9th National Encampment of the Uniform Rank 

Knights of Pythias 

N. A., S. A.. E., A„ A., and A. 

"The Bugler of. Algiers," a Blue 
Bird production, dealing with the In- 
lienendaaeej of Algiers, is an interesting 
photodrama produced on the acene of 
the little North African Stale and 
lunws the early Barbarism of the Md- 
ln.iTimedaiis before the enming of the 
Kronen. This production will be the 
headline aitveetton at the New Movie 
Theater, Sunday, Feb. 18. The third 
episode of "Patrin.". with Mrs. Varan 
Castle, will be shown Monday. - 9 - 

"String Beans" Williams. Handy, 
"Hpee" Webster, Uewett aod Oate- 
wood are under contract to play with 
the New York Ofanla 'thji season. 
Cbaa. (Dumroy') Stanley will leave St. 
[.oiiii about April IS to jm* the club. 
The boys are now playilltg at Palm 
licaeh, Fla. ■ : 


Girls, ladies., be independent and 
x- If -supporting. Earn li 10 |i i day 
o> evening at home in your' spare 
time.Leara the Modern Art of Beauty 
Culture. Learn Artittie Hairdreseing, 

sage. Scalp Treatment- Bow to weave 
and man .if astute hair. How to mala 
Switches,' Cornet Braids, Pompadours, 
Puffs, Front Pieces,. Pin Friuers, 
Transformations, Bangs, etc. Straight' 
ening, Bleoehing, Marcel Wave. Singe~ 
ing. Dyeing, ete. How to be. a. lady's 
maid. Mrae. DeCarroll, an old experi- 
enced and well Vnewu bairdrcaaer and 
Beauty Caltnriat, will teach you the 
French and American Art of Hairdreas- 
iflg and Beauty Culture ia her Blue 
Book- The leaeana are. plain and sim- 
ple. Thia is an opportunity for every 
Ambitious girl to learn an hqnorable 
and digukled profeaaion and "art. on 
the road to eucesaa. Every, woman 
should have a copy. Fot a limited 
time the price of thia botik ha* been 
reduced to M. Band your order to the 
Ideal Ceapany, Box ?0, Statjon 
New T«k City. 

$20 TO WO m WEEK 

S*:4 WaSOH 


OKI or t: 

The Retina Moving* Picture Show 

20th and Market St. 
Open Dailv From 1 to 11 p. m. 
Every Day a 5 Part-Feature With the Meet 
■ Players in Connection 
With The Meet Wonderful Serial, of To-day 


The Arch . Criminals of Pari* 

The laanked Men of Mvstery. Fight to 
Maintain Their Mastery as the 


You can watch these arch criminals of 

Pari* once a week for nine consecutive 

weeke. Don't Fail to aea them on 




■imndard hu ever heee attained 1 
■nnfcr than thmt 
it! ehafUl reel. 
■tar hune 

Kte «r*£t.T 

Hmlmhu,™ bHB ■nploiHlU 
ittaueoa pbetaplar. No-Brsdassr has ever 
staiKhumtuDdwtakiiie. No aerial 
an has war bent fevered brauch ire- 
psuoniae. RMIw Bark, In "Giorta'a 
." r^^.l^. Ik. 4II»BESJC .••« ^ . 

1 * uhitved by ttw - 


A new wonder serial in IB Chapters. 
The Stars — Grace Darmtspd, Ralph 
Kellard and Leon Barry. ■ 

Pietnrial Weeklies— Mondays Wed- 
nesdays and Fridays, port raying the 
most important events around the 


jnsaas v « "Ha "neltivaty Behaf Tins An, 
wBU, ajsil T ilss h eaei Caaany Ma 

cMs. ssartswa. eavtaaa. ^easlatSS 
spwulatioaa, advamrurae, stooka sad an 

. 7iits'Bt/fie'Svt£» 

l.adiei and Children EtptrciaHy Invited 

you thousands of dollars and 
deal of trouble. , 

LOVft. CttUPITaHlfs AND maris i*nt 
affairs or ta* b« 

■ In 

ramstai! tails it the one you km 
alao data of marrtase 

ffssHlon. pane* and osn M a a a* to Is so BuMad 

and Slaenraant rUnlOsa; elves aatth'e surface la explored. Its 

rou the fuM Mist how to control. Canal- laid bare to his myntarloiu 

full lu.fl; ■!» muMU and Willi, hi |Iih us 

eus ana rriveieti oereont aea cniy 

power of elft frou 

choire. but Buna* rata has so 
■t- Els ancestors were oowerfu] 
nnaty faaelnallni are the wordi tual have " 
rroni the cultivated lip. of this moat *ona>rful 
whose Journey ot life has to (enerat 
him throuah all the re- nt* tnbarltanos tceather with the 
i sthoola ol Empt. India blned hnowiedse and is liaises aapei 
1 asiins, Indeed, as If his of (esMratUna. No Batter what 
1 eons from that mjaten- preesnt trouble mar ha or 
orid ot whlsb.wa all would linow. past •xparienos 
nslna. cannot know. He looks tar time and avoid 
Into the dim mysterious rutuv* — 
the nraet berond— acrsae the dark chasm NOTE.— OtaeMons 
which ssmoratsa the human body from ' if veu cannot call In perse*, e» not wr 
the ftlttion soul— and that which is (o be as his time Is fully occunlea with 
la told. The n su r a tH are heonaht to- sersanal ealMrs. - 

6124Ei^ST0NAVENlJE TA,t * w " LL,TON ****** 

Oriloe hour*: Sally, 10 i. m. t« I p. m. 
and Ssturdsys it I p. a, Lose Fes, We. Sunday, 10 a. m. 10 * p. re. 


Souvenir Programs Country Store Barber Shop 

Restaurant . Official Photos Pressing Shop 

Melons Ice Cream Chewing Gum. Pop Corn andCandy 

And 25 more (rood concessions and displays. Address all communications 

Headquarters Ways and Means. Committee, - 

Chairman ' Secretary 

3141 Lawton Ave.- - St. Louis, Mo. 

other ailments, such as leucorrhea 
■ ■.. Iiii* :ij. gonorrhea, jtehing, uJcent' 
tions, catarrhal, seminal and mucous 
diachargea These ailments often ap- 
pear as a discharge and is usually 
one of . the Hrst signs of a diseased 
condition of the vagina. Sometimes ft 
ie very irritating and produces sore- 
ness, snd even inflammation of the 
parts trith which it cornea in contact. 
It often causes a diaagreeable itching. 

Do not. dope your eyetem with In- 
ternal remttdlea. Get Milne's Asapto 
Konaa. They are highly recommended 
for all non-enrgical cases of weak- 
ness and disorders peenliar' to wosa- 
en. Milne 'a AaepSo Sones are sold and 
recommsndsd by all landing dmjrgista. 
If he will not supply yon they will b* 
sent direct upon receipt of price. 

Trial siie, Teh Asepto Koses, Me. 

Regular size, twenty-four Aspsto 
Kones, tl.M. 
310 Wast New York 8t . 

Yon, your sister, or probably your 
mother are' aiUag and hays aoffered 
the untold tortuas of agoay sad have 
triad every known remedy with an re- 


•as. tired- feeling, inability is 
walk far any length of time, 
oraneaa is the ehdoaaeu, or 

Baca Fsature Play Every 

Los Angatea, Calif, Feb. 1— [Special 
to Arifuv'— The Liacola Motion Pie- 
tore Cotnpany of this city, the largaalt 
and only successful flies company pra- 
ducjng photoplays directed and staged 
entirely by Colored people, has reeent- 
)j been incorporated in' this Stlta at a 
cacdtaliaatioa of #;5,isW>" Orgnuined 
and headed by Vol.1* ia. Johnaoa, the 
leading screen artist of his ra-e,"" sa 
well as a tsjaated phots playwright and 
diraetar. This eomr*ny. ia- its sta 
months ' of existence, has produced and 
released through its Own exchangee tbs 
twj leadiaf race feature plays before 
the public. "The Bealitatloa of a Ns- 
gro's Ambition," a two- real society 
drama of the Pair Wast, and ".TM 
Trooper of Troop K." a ieaaatiosaJ 
aud tkriDing three-reel reproduction a* 
the Ustarieal Carriaal flgfeL A third 

release is now being produced and the 
increasiDg, demands, by. exhibit on 'for 
faster releases made the step of incor- 
porating a aecessiity. , 

The releasing organisation ia about 
completed with general booking offices 
in Omaha, and branch exchanges in 
the vnrious centera as follows: Chi- 
cago, 3129 S.'State street, Tony Lang- 
it on, mannger; St. Louis, 3411 Lawton 
avenue, W. H. £ing, mnnsger; Now 
Orleans, 331 S. Bempart street, D. Ire- 
land Thomas, manager; Atlanta, 192 
Auburn' avenue, R. Black, manager) 
Philadelphia, 5B« a 16th street, Clar- 
ence Edward Wells, mnnnger; with ne- 
gotiations under way far B New York 

The incorporators and directors are 
Noble M. Johnson, J. Thomas Smith, 
Clarence A. Brooks, Geo. P. Johnson 
and Dudley A. Brooks. •' 

Were yon. there, if not why not* Yon 
missed a 'treat not only by failing to 
contribute to a worthy charity, but. to 
tavs seen the show at Booker Wash- 
ington neater Saturday, Feb. 10, for 
the benefit of Monad City Social Set- 
tlement, under the direction of Mrs. 
William McAllister, Mrs. Birdie Balden 
assist!**; nt the piano, nnd a host - of 
young people who contributed their 
time and talent to make the show' a 

scored. Those that are to be give 
cial mention were Misses Delate 
sll, Argola Smith, BnlUs Tutt, 
Williams and Alice Vforange, 
afaUer Faafaaea, Harvey Don, 
Dupree in -Magics and Joseph 
The fiance of Anita Williams 
wonderful piece of artistie ■ 
was Us new waits herniation 
by Misa Horiel! aad Walter 
and deemed the applause 
The balance of the east was wall s 
Mr* McAllister dsssrrissl praii 
her astiriag antatts far charity. 



*^ Lt *aJM^-- Reading Pee Low 
The Veiled Prophet 



■W fay Hla Ms 

QONcannieta iuunim AFFAlra. 






91 m. Lindsey "M 

Colored Truce SpirituJiit 

tell you what yon would 

like to know 
: instruct 'you in all your 


KroBi I:SD a. is. to MPeVSk' 

61S2 Hieem Ar*., - Weilitoa 

Eirkveee-FwiSHs aad St Charles Cars 

I want to any to all of my prospective 
buyers, I know times are hard Just 
new and I am going to make proposi- 
tions this sionth according to your 
poekstbook. I will take oare.of yon. 
Ceasa' in. I hare come to stay.' I' 
have su fficicr.t backing to dn anything I 
wish for aj own oolor. More than 
ttiat, my enstomers get, in addition, to 
my krw prices, as high a quality as 
can be had frmn ;iny store in the city 
and a guarantee on every piano of from 
ID to SO years. 

I now haVi five young men soliciting 
for me, after school hours, who a-e'mak- 
ing a ressoashle income. 

It's no trouble for me to show you 
my upright pianos, prices from ISO to 
■800, or players front J.1M to S1.00Q. 
So come in. make yoai own terms for, 
tanatt IrMtW. C. H. WATKTNS. 




Advice given in all matters of 
Life, Give Luck in Business, 
and Speculations, Law Suits, 
Settle Lover's Quarrels, brings 
separated together, makes 
peace and bappineea in family . 


ClnirvoT e*t, Fo**»e TshnW- 
Spirit W*efaa-l 

S Isatsa Ave. Welsh 



TJsa Ealomlte Laundry Mnruel, the 
world's greatest wnshing diseovsry. 
Saves time and lengthens the life of 

clothes. Guaranteed to 

and" stains without 

Board." Send lSe for trial ,__ „ 

call. Agents wanted For sals by 4 

_„.l B...L ,"„ OSAB T ..... ' V 1 

I to remove dura 
using, tbs "Bub- 

for family or transiont nss. Newly dse- 
•satad aad has Id betas, staoan heat 
Bates reasonable. Be*. IT. A. Mitchell, 
proprietor, £M5 Morgan street, M. 
Louis, Mo. Phone Bocnoat IBT7. •